Me & My Muse – Day 1379: More MonNES…

With my friend on his way, I am going to cut to the chase.  My friend will be coming over early and I’ll be doing the usual.  Playing more Fantasy Life, watching Continuum and having dinner.  That’s pretty much this day in a nutshell.

Today’s high is…


Muse:  Kyle!

What?  I’m ending an entry!

Muse:  End it later!  I would like to talk to you!

Try not to be too long, okay?

Muse:  Here!  Come with me…

*teleports with Muse to royal castle*

Okay.  What is so important that you’re interrupting me from an ending?

Muse:  You know how I got those ice powers and that beast was with me?

Yeah?  What about those things?

Muse:  I definitely think that wretched witch is responsible!  She is horrid, and should be burned at the stake!

???:  That is quite enough, dear.

Muse:  What?

???:  You can stop pretending.  You did well, sweetie.  Our little game is over.

Muse:  It is, mommy?  I played pretend very well, didn’t I?

What’s going on?  You sound just like the queen…

*the figure appears in a flash*

Former Queen:  That’s where you’re wrong, dear.  My little darling here…she is the queen!  Aren’t you, dear?!

Muse:  I am, mommy!

Former Queen:  You can stop pretending, dear.  Get out of that adult form and let’s get ready for your nap, okay?

Muse: Okay mommy!

*Muse flashes and shrinks, becoming the size of a two-year old*

Muse:  I pretended well!  Tee hee!

What’s the meaning of this?  I thought I got rid of you!

Former Queen:  Correction!  You got rid of my darling daughter.  I don’t remember a thing about me being dealt with…

So Dolores didn’t do any of those spells…

Former Queen:  Correct.  It was me.  How could you have banished my daughter?  Well, now she gets a playmate!

Who’s the playmate?

Former Queen:  Her, of course!

You mean another Muse?

Former Queen:  Why yes!  I’ve always wanted a twin…Now dear…Let’s get ready for your nap…

King and Queen:  What’s the meaning of this?

Former Queen:  Oh!  That’s right!  We need to deal with them again!

Muse:  I don’t like them mommy!  Go away!

*King and Queen magically vanish*

Former Queen:  Now you know what to do, dear.  make this world your own again…

Muse:  Time to gwow!  Tee hee!

I’m getting out of here!

*teleports back to reality*

Well, it doesn’t look like I dealt with the Former Queen mother, who was originally under the Dark Baby Muse’s control.  I’ll have to deal with her now, but I’ll do it later.  My friend’s coming over.

Today’s high is going to be 59 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over shortly.

To those of you who like friend visits, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


*Muse tries to outgrow the imaginary realm and explodes*

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

There you go, dear!  Your beautiful world is back!  Time for your nap…

Okay mommy!  Tee hee…

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