Me & My Muse – Day 1367: Fast Forward

That’s what this day felt like today.  As I am writing this, I have been up for more than 12 hours.

Today at work went quite swimmingly.  Although we were busy, it was very manageable.

I wonder what my Muse is up to?  I feel bad that she’s being bullied by her stepsisters…


Muse:  Kyle!  I would like to talk to you!

What do you need?

Muse:  Come with me!

*teleports with Muse to the Imaginary Realm*

Wow!  You’re dressed in your princess clothes again!  What happened?

Muse:  A lot!  In fact, three days have passed in this realm since I last saw you.  First of all, I heard of this ball being held at the castle.

You mean the one that they kicked your family out of?

Muse:  Yes!  I wanted to go to this ball, but…

I know.  Your wicked stepmother and stepsisters didn’t want you to go!  And then, while you were sobbing, a fairy godmother appeared, and made you a beautiful princess, complete with a stagecoach and horses to take you there.

Muse:  How did you know? It’s like you were there, watching everything that was going on.

I didn’t need to be there.  This is right out of Cinderella!

Muse:  Well, whether it was right out of there or not, everything happened just as you said!

Did you meet prince charming?

Muse:  Yes!  After they found that only my shoe could fit the glass slipper, I moved into the castle with him!

And you all lived “Happily Ever After”…

Muse:  Yes! Things are going to be very good now that I’m in the castle again!

That’s nice.  But there’s one thing that I don’t understand.  How did time pass so fast in the Imaginary Realm?  Just one day passed and you just mentioned that three have gone by in your world.

Muse;  I don’t know…It’s kind of strange, isn’t it?

It is.

Muse:  Oh!  He’s calling me.  Kyle, I’ll talk to you later.  Prince Charming is calling me from the other room!  I’m coming!

*Muse runs out of her room*

I guess that this will be my time to exit.

*teleports back to reality*

Well, that was quick!  She went right from rags to riches in a day!  (Well technically two, considering that there was no story arc yesterday…)

I will now get ready for tomorrow’s shift.

Today’s high is going to be 47 degrees and the silver lining is being more than halfway done with this week.

To those of you who are looking forward to the weekend, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I’m here!  What did you need?

Prince Charming:  Another kiss, my darling…

Muse:  Right away, my dear…

*Muse kisses Prince Charming on the cheek*