Me & My Muse – Day 1337: So 1337…

This entry is going to pwn all others.  Why?  Because it’s totally 1337.  w00t!  If you don’t know what 1337 is, then you are a n00b, riding on the r0flcopter…This entry is made of win.  It can’t be topped!  It can’t be bested!  Bask in this topic’s 1337ness!  It is so 1337, and is 1337er than all the others!


Muse:  What are you doing?

l0l.  What do we have here?  A n00b that’s about to get pwned.  You’re not on the same level as me, are you?  This entry is the winnar!

Muse:  *sigh*  What do you mean that I don’t know what I’m talking about?  This is the 1337th entry, so you’re trying to speak in leet speak.

A winnar we have, but a late one.  Sorry.  You are made of phail.  You are teh lozzorz!  l0l!

Muse:  *sigh*  Phail, huh?  1 c4n 7074lly pwn y0u 1n l337 5p34k!  f0r 0n3 7h1n6, y0u 4r3 n07 3v3n 7yp1n6 1n l337.  7h47 15 r34lly 73h 5uxx0rz!  0n3!0n3 0n3! 0n3! 0n3! 5h1f7 plu5 0n3!

So, she’s speaking teh 1337, huh?  Maybe you’re not made of phail afterall.  You’re made of win!

Muse:  bu7 y0u’r3 m4d3 0f ph41l, n00b!  why 4r3n’7 y0u 7yp1n6 1n 73h l4n6u463?  4fr41d 7h47 p30pl3 w0n’7 b3 4bl3 70 r34d 4ll 7h3 l337n355?  7074l l0ln355!  y0u 4r3 73h 5up3r n00b!  y0u 4r3 73h ul7r4 n00b!  7h3 n00b357 n00b 70 3v3r 3×157!  l0l r0flc0p73r!  0n3! 0n3! 0n3! 0n3! 0n3! 0n3! 0n3! 0n3! 5h1f7 plu5 0n3!  y0u 4r3 m4d3 0f 73h ul71m473 ph41l 54uc3!  1 4m 73h 7074l pwn463!

That was pure pwnage!  I am not teh total phail sauce.  I am teh king of win.  You’ll never pwn me, n00b.

Muse:  1 ju57 d1d!  l0lz0rz!  1 c4n’7 574nd b31n6 4r0und 7h15 n00b.  700 much ph41l 54uc3!  l473r, n00b!

*Muse vanishes in a beam of light*

Well, it’s time to land this plane of awesome sauce into the realm of 1337ness.  My friend will be coming over, and that will be teh pure pwnage.  I will show him teh Nintendo Switch and that will be made of win.

Today’s high will be teh 56 degrees and the silver lining is teh entry filled with awesome sauce and 1337ness.

To those of you who are not teh lozzors, I hope that you all have a day full of 1337ness and ultra mega pwnage.  One! One! One! ONE!  Shift plus one!


Muse:  1 m4y b3 4n 4dul7, bu7 h3 ju57 607 pwn3d by 4 l177l3 61rl!  (0k4y, 4n 4dul7 1n 4 l177l3 61rl’5 b0dy.)  1 4m 73h pur3 l337n355!