Me & My Muse – Day 1335: LEGO My Batman Movie…

Muse:  I just got back from seeing the LEGO Batman Movie, and it was great!  …Oops!  I forgot to switch back!


Whoa…Last night was terrible.  I was basically tiny, trapped in the body of a little boy.  Since my Muse never switched back until now, that was all I experienced.  I was the same size as her, only a male.  Having experienced that for one night, I now know how she feels.  I need to find a way to undo that spell, immediately…

And I need to see that LEGO Batman Movie.  Everyone, I’ll be right back!

*2 hours later*

Okay.  I’m back from the movie   It was pretty funny!  And now that it’s 2:30, I can enjoy the rest of the day!  I don’t have to take a nap because I’m in my normal adult body.  As for my Muse, I will get you out of there.  Just hang in there…

Today’s high is going to be 30 degrees and the silver lining was seeing the LEGO Batman Movie.

To those of you who like all things Batman, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse;  *sigh*  Well, that was fun while it lasted.  I got to enjoy that movie!  How did I forget to switch back?  Oh yeah!  I forgot!  Well, now I’m tired.  I…*snore*

Royal Guard:  She fell again!  Time to whisk her to her chamber for her nap…

*Royal Guard scoops up Muse and carries her to her room*


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