Me & My Muse – Day 1327: Friday Finish

And my, what a finish it was!  This morning, I hit the ground running.  I got everything started at work quickly.  I managed to finish dough just in time to help catch things up for the lunch rush.

With the weekend officially here, I’m going to see what my Muse is up to.  I figure that if her spell was done with the power of the One Privilege, this is going to be very hard to undo.

*teleports to castle, and is stopped by a guard*

Royal Guard:  Shhh! The Royal Highness is taking her nap right now.

She is?  Until when?

Royal Guard 2:  She typically rests from 2:00 to 4:30.  With as much as she does in that little body, she needs it.

Muse:  I’m fine.  He can come in.

Royal Guard:  You have her approval.  You may see her.

Thank you.

*opens door to Muse’s bedroom and closes door behind me*

Muse:  I still feel a little tired, but I’ll catch up later.

Does this form bother you?  I’m trying to find a way to change you back.

Muse:  Do what you can, Kyle.  I know you’ll find a way to change me back…

But does it bother you?

Muse:  Well, not now.  I’m actually starting to get used to it.  All of my servants love it!  They all think that I look so cute!

Well, you do.  You look and talk like a little girl.

Muse:  But they don’t treat me like one!  All of my adult clothes are the same ones.  I just made them smaller to fit me.

So they all respect you?

Muse:  Absolutely.  They all see me for who I really am inside.  Mommy and daddy treat me no different.  To them, I am just under a terrible spell.

A terrible spell that gives you an appearance of a five-year old.

Muse:  A very tiny five-year old!  The average five-year old is about seven inches taller than me!  I’m not even 3 feet tall!

How tall are you?

Muse:  I’m 2’11”.  Do you know what the age of a child that’s 2’11”?

What age?

Muse:  A two and a half year old!  This puny body isn’t doing me any good, but I’m doing what I can to work with it.  Take my nap at 2:00, rest for a couple hours, and try to use that energy for the rest of the day.

You are not going to stay like this.  I will get you to your regular age again.  I know that there is a way.  There always is.

Muse;  I know.  And that’s the one thing that I think of that gets me through every day…

*Muse kisses me on the cheek*

Muse:  I don’t care what form I’m in!  When this first happened, I told everyone in the castle to look into my soul.  Not my outward appearance, but who I really am inside.  Would a “child” talk like this?

No.  And I see you as the way that I always see you.  You’re the same age as me, and no spell is going to say any different!

Muse:  Thank you, Kyle…

*we both warmly embrace and kiss each other again*

Muse:  Have a wonderful rest of your day.  I’m going to rest a little longer…

Regain your strength.  You are not going to be a child forever.

Muse:  You always deliver, Kyle.  I know that you will come through in the end…See you tomorrow!


*teleports back to reality*

I know that she’s fighting this, and she’s doing what she can, given the spell’s effect. I will find a way to undo this, and she will be back to normal hopefully soon.

Now I’ll enjoy the rest of this day.  Let the weekend begin.

Today’s high is going to be 42 degrees and the silver lining is having the weekend off.

To those of you who are ready for the weekend, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Now for some more rest…Oh…I’m not getting up for that.  Just a little more rest and I’ll change myself later.  *sigh* This bladder…this body…