Me & My Muse – Day 1313: Knight in Shining Armor

To reflect, today was busy, yet manageable.  While we started with four workers, it went down to three when one of them had to go home, since they were sick.  Despite that being the case, we all survived.  Although it was busy during lunch, it turned out better than I thought.

With that over, the weekend is now ahead of me, and…

Royal Guard:  We need your help!

Oh really!  You need help from the guy who is not even allowed in the castle?

Royal Guard:  Sir, please forgive my Royal Highness.  I led 100 men into the stronghold where she was being held.  They were all killed and I was the only one to escape.  If this keeps up,  all of the king’s army will be obliterated!

So you’re asking for my help, since none of your men are strong enough to rescue her.

Royal Guard:  Sir, all of my men are dead.  The one who captured her is a powerful sorcerer who placed an enormous bounty on her head.  50 million gold pieces and we can have her back.

That’s quite the bounty!  Well, you’re in luck.  I love her dearly and I don’t want any harm to come upon her.

Royal Guard:  Neither do I, sir.  I am her own personal bodyguard and that is my sworn duty.  To protect the princess at all costs!

Might I ask what your name is?

Vincent:  I am Vincent Vanguard III.  For three generations, my family has guarded the princess.  My father guarded the queen when she was still a princess.  My grandfather did the same thing.

I get it.  It runs in the family.  I’ll take lead.  Let’s rescue her!

Vincent:  You?  What is your military experience?  Are you proficient with a longsword?

Don’t need to be.  I have a secret weapon that can vanquish the sorcerer.

Vincent:  That you do.  I haven’t seen it, but I trust you.  Follow my lead!  I know where the stronghold is!

*gets on another horse and follows Vincent a long distance into a deep valley*

Vincent:  It’s right here.  It looks like the sorcerer has regenerated a new army.  There are thousands more ready to ambush us…

Thousands, huh?  Just a bunch of mages.  I can take them.

Chief Mage:  He’s back!   Get him!

All of the mages will dissolve immediately.  One privilege, ENGAGE!

*the army of mages flash and dissolve into dust*

Vincent;  *gasp*  With just a word you took them all out?  Are you some kind of god?

Do not call me a deity.  The emblem of power that I possess has been entrusted to me and only me.  This emblem allows such a world as yours to exist.

Vincent:  It does?

Whatever can be imagined can exist with the emblem that I possess.  Think of it like an artist being given a canvas.  That is my One Privilege.  It gives me the freedom maintain order in your world.

Vincent:  Very well.  So you have a special relic that gives you that power.  Lead the way, sir!

Muse:  HELP!!!!

Hurry!  We need to get to her quickly!  Take us to my Muse.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*teleports with Vincent to the inside of the stronghold*

???:  So do you have it?  50 million gold pieces and I will set her free.  Pay up or die!

Hmm…What’s his name?  Read his mind!  Ah…Devin Doomberry.  Master Sorcerer bounty hunter!

Devin:  So you’re clairvoyant, huh?  Well, I have a few tricks myself!

Tricks that you won’t be able to execute because you’re finished!  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*Devin begins to flash*

Devin:  NOOOOOOO!!!  I’m dissolving!  This will not be the last you will hear of Devin Doomberry the Great!  Mark my words, all of you!

Muse:  Kyle!


*embraces Muse and wraps arms around her*

Muse:  Oh Kyle!  It was so horrible!  He locked me in a room and tortured me!


Muse:  With a whip!  And he didn’t even care!  To him, I was just another one of his bounties.  He would not shut up about that either.  Bounty this and bounty that.  I’m tired of hearing about his bounties!

Vincent:  Princess!  Let’s head back to the castle!

Muse:  I will if Kyle can come with us.

Vincent:  Oh, but of course!  Your safety is way more important than any of my Royal Highness’s orders!

Then it’s settled.  Let’s head back.

*rides alongside Muse and Vincent back to the castle*


Imaginary Kingdom Castle Throne Room

King:  My dear!  You’re safe!

Muse:  Daddy!

*Muse hugs the king*

Vincent:  Your Majesty,  Kyle assisted me in the rescue.  It is because of him that the princess is safe.

King:  Is that so?

Muse:  Yes!  Now you told me that he could never enter the castle!  What is the meaning of this?

King:  Oh gracious!  In the turn of events that have occurred over these last couple days, I am now reminded of my shortcomings.  A heroic deed such as this will not be ignored.  No.  Such a deed will be given great honor!  Kyle, please come forward.

As you wish, O great king…

*steps forward near the king*

King:  Now kneel down.  Now for my scepter…

*King makes a scepter materialize in his hands, and touches the scepter to my face*

King:  Kyle,  from this day forward, you will be my exulted knight.  You now have the freedom to walk these castle grounds whenever you wish.  Only knock if you ever plan on entering my room, as I still do desire my privacy…

Muse:  Oh thank you, daddy!

*all teary-eyed, Muse wraps her arms around the king in tight embrace*

King:  You are most welcome, my dear.  I have been such a fool to misjudge the conduct of such a wonderful young man.  His bravery and valor is something that I will not let go unrecognized.  He rescued you and has so revealed my folly.  Sir Kyle is welcome to eat at our table anytime.

Cupbearer:  Time for tea!

King:  Give Kyle the first cup, as I want all of us to drink in his honor.  It is because of Kyle that my dear princess is safe with us all today.

Cupbearer:  As you wish, sir!

*Cupbearer pours all the cups of tea, and gives the first one to me*

King:  In honor of Sir Kyle, who has braved the wretched fortress to rescue my dear!  Let us drink.

All:  To Sir Kyle!

Might I ask, where is the queen?

King:  She is resting right now.  All of this news will be reported to her when she awakens.  Have you any business, sir Kyle?

I do have business back at home.  Thank you for opening your castle to me.

King:  And thank you, brave knight for rescuing my dear princess.  These turn of events have clearly shown how foolish I’ve been.  With you as a foreigner, I was concerned for my daughter’s safety.  But you have more than proven your trust to me.  I bid you farewell.  Tend to your business!  We all look forward to your return!

Same here.  I can’t wait to come back!  Bye everyone!

All:  Bye!

*teleports back to reality*

I’m so glad that I was able to rescue my Muse.  Now that I’m done with that, I will now enjoy this Friday night.

Today’s high is going to be 33 degrees and the silver lining is the weekend finally being here.

To those of you who are glad that it’s Friday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Daddy, we should invite him for dinner!  He has never had a real meal here before!

King:  If that is your wish, it shall be granted.  Scribe!  Write out this invitation and send it to Kyle!

Scribe:  Right away, your majesty!

*Scribe writes the invitation and exits the castle*