Me & My Muse – Day 1300B: But Your Muse is in Another Castle

I laid there silently, waiting for my Muse to begin her next transformation.  Her two hearts were still beating as she rested.  She was still a Time Lady Muse.  As for what she was going to become next, I could only hope that it would be something good.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, it happened.  She began flashing again.  The flash was faint at first, but intensified more and more by the second.  The transformation energy was flowing through her.

Her body changed, she she was slightly shorter and was a adorned with a beautiful pink dress.  A tiara materialized on her head, with a golden bracelet with a coat of arms to a kingdom that I was completely unfamiliar with.

Her hair became longer, and was woven with beautiful braids.  The ribbons tied within her hair were made of fine scarlet linen.

Then the unexpected happened.  Transformation energy flooded out of her in every direction and covered the entire room.  The room transformed, with the finely dressed stone floor becoming a marble floor, inlaid with diamonds , ivory, and gold.  Four posts emerged from her bed, with a pink and purple canopy appearing over it.  A full body mirror outlined with solid gold appeared in one corner of the room with a fine oak drawer appearing in the other.  A door leading to an adjacent room appeared.  This, I guessed was where all her extra  clothing was stored.  Another appeared nearby, leading to what I guessed to be a makeup room or wash room.

Several other adornments appeared in her room, which was starting to get too much for me.  I ran to the window and glanced out.  The Pink TARDIS tower was no more, but was now a fortified tower of an elegantly decorated castle.  From the tower, a bridge led to the main building.

The flashing then stopped, which was enough to startle my Muse awake.

My Muse glanced at her hands, and felt for a pulse.  The extra heart was gone.

She glanced at the rings on her fingers, felt the tiara on her head, and gasped.  “This dress…This tiara…This room…Am I…A princess?

No sooner did the words leave her mouth when a group of five soldiers clad in gold armor entered the room.

“Princess!” The leader shouted.  “We’ve been looking for you!”

The soldiers surrounded her, pushing me aside.  Two of them crossed their swords together in front of me, forming a wall between me and my Muse.

“What is the meaning of this?” I shouted.

“You tell me!” the leader shouted.  “You have committed a heinous crime in kidnapping the princess.”

“Kidnap?” I shouted.  “I only visited…”

“Silence!” the leader shouted.  “Step away from her or you will be slaughtered.”

“Stop!” my Muse shouted.  “He did not kidnap me!  This is my castle!”

The leader glanced around and nodded.  “It may be, but this is not your kingdom.  Come with us.  You will return to the castle that you belong!”

The others soldiers surrounding him nodded.  “The queen is greatly worried!” One of them added.

Before I could say another word, they all left with my Muse.

Moments later, I was chasing them, running out of the castle to try to reach my Muse.  Before I even could, she was placed on a horse, which dashed off quickly into the horizon.

So my Muse is going to be a princess this time.  This is going to be quite frustrating if they’re not going to let me see her.  She may be royalty, but she’s my Muse!  I will seek an audience with the king and queen to request their permission to see her.  In looking ahead, this next 100 days is going to be quite exciting…