Me & My Muse – Day 1295: Slow Monday

To sum up this whole day, work has been slow, I got some food shopping done, and did some job hunting when I got home.

I am now ready to relax…


???:  Did you miss me, sweetie?

WHAT?  Where did you come from?  You sound just like that Time Lady Muse that I ended up losing…

Time Lady Muse:  That’s because I am.  The plan was successful.

What plan?

Time Lady Muse:  The original parent sent me to Gallifrey just before she vanished.  I was but a fertilized egg ready to be born.  My parent from a different era extracted me from my parent in the doomed timeline.  In being born there, this would preserve my existence, regardless of the doomed timeline happening.

But the doomed timeline was prevented.

Time Lady Muse;  It was.  My original mother vanished, since she couldn’t exist as both Muse and a Gallifreyan.  My brother The Doctor restored the timeline by preventing the abduction of my mother from ever happening.

Your mother?

Time Lady Muse:  Yes.  I am a clone of my mother.  She was the original that was fully Muse and fully Gallifreyan.  Born in two different places.  First on Gallifrey and again in the Realm of Imagination…

So you’re basically taking her place, since she would cease to exist in the doomed timeline.

Time Lady Muse: Exactly.  My mother knew from seeing the whole timeline that her existence was in jeopardy.  To save this, she cloned herself and sent the egg to Gallifrey.

And her time traveling self intercepted the egg before her doomed timeline self vanished.

Time Lady Muse:  You got it, sweetie!  My mother visited me and I know virtually everything that she has ever experienced.

You do?

Time Lady Muse:  She uploaded it to my brain.  We have experienced a lot of the same events as Gallifreyans.  Especially the Time War.

Muse;  Kyle?  Who are you talking to?

Time Lady Muse:  Salutations, mother. Or should I say half-mother?

Muse:  Half mother?

Time Lady Muse:  You were everything that my mother was, only you weren’t born as a Gallifreyan.

Muse: Of course!  The Doctor had to erase that part of me to save the universe!  As a result, my being born as a Gallifreyan never happened…

Time Lady Muse:  But it has with me.  When you were a Gallifreyan, you cloned me before your Gallifreyan self vanished as a result of The Doctor changing that timeline.  I am your missing half, and you are mine.

Muse:  If you put it that way, I guess you’re right.  Would you call this a workaround?

Time Lady Muse:  It indeed is.  Kyle still has his privilege, right?  Now come…You must finish your form.  All of my mother’s memories are with me, so I am well aware of how 100 day regeneration cycles work.

Muse:  Go ahead.  You can enter whenever you’re ready.

Time Lady Muse:  With much gladness…mother…

*Time Lady Muse enters Muse and flashes brightly*

Muse:  There now.  Things are back to the way things are supposed to be.  Well, for the next five days at least…

The Doctor:  Did she enter?

Yes she did.

The Doctor:  Good.  This workaround will have both Gallifreyan form and Muse exist.  With her being a clone, this will not effect the timeline.

Why didn’t she tell me?

The Doctor:  Why?  For everything to work in the plan, there was no way that she could tell you!  We both witnessed how that whole timeline would play out.  She knew that she would disappear, but she still wanted to exist.  To separate herself, she cloned herself, visited her clone in the future and ceased to exist.

Wait a second!  If that other Gallifreyan Muse was born, wouldn’t she had existed at the same time as her mother?

The Doctor:  Not necessarily.  It’s quite possible that she could’ve been isolated as to not effect the timeline.

And you isolated her.

The Doctor:  Yes.  She couldn’t learn of her mother until the proper time.

That makes sense.

Muse:  Of course.  My restoration was all carefully planned.

Well, I’m going to take it easy now.  I have a phone call a little later, so I want to get ready for that.


Muse:  I’ll let you.  Have a wonderful day!

*Muse returns to pink TARDIS and closes door*


Well, the Time Lady Muse is back.  I’m glad that she is.  I missed her.  Just five more days and she’ll be something different.

With just a little bit of my day left, I will now get ready for the planning meeting.

Today’s high is going to be 40 degrees and the silver lining is having the remainder of the day off.

To those of you who made it through this Monday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Time Lady Muse:  (My form will still be preserved.  When she transforms into her new form, I will leave her body.  Thank you for letting me use your body, mother!)