Me & My Muse – Day 1291: Frithursday

Well, today feels like that at least, since I have tomorrow off.

With another smooth day at work, I took care of my errands.  I got some more money from the ATM, dropped off my job application at the County building, and filled up my gas for tonight.

Now I’ll…Just float around I guess.  since a couple of days ago, the world has been destroyed by the Daleks, Cybermen, and thousands of other hostile races around the universe.  As a result, I died, along with billions of others.

And I don’t think they’re done either.  The races will give pursuit to each other until one of them has all the One Privileges.  They will destroy planet after planet, trying to take the One Privilege away from the other.


Muse:  What are we going to do?

I don’t know.  Aren’t you still alive?  You’re Intangible.  This shouldn’t affect you.

Muse:  I am, and I’m grieved over what happened to this world.  Surely The Doctor is on his way to set things right, isn’t he?  And when that happens, I will have to bid you farewell.

Are you leaving me?  Are you basically saying that The Doctor is going to end your existence?

Muse:  Only one of them.  I will still be a Muse, but I will lose my Gallifreyan heritage forever…

But why?  I always liked having you as a Time Lady…

Muse:  But do you like this world?  You are a spirit, floating around in a world that was destroyed by the most vile civilizations in the universe.  Your world was caught up in a war of power.  A power that you possessed that they desired.  The Dark Muse got the best of you and was able to distribute that power to everyone, causing this war to spiral violently out of control.  Should I continue to exist like this, the future of this universe is going to be quite bleak…

So he’s going to make it so that you were never born on Gallifrey?  How is that going to change things?  Wasn’t this day the very reason why he made you born a Gallifreyan in the first place?

Muse:  There is another way.  If neither me nor the Dark Muse is born on Gallifrey, she will have never gotten the One Privilege.  That is the one way to fix the time line.  And in doing so, I will have to bid you farewell…

Well, for the sake of universe, I think that it’s better that you leave.  Me and billions of other people are dead.  The earth has become a planet full of ghosts.  With this one major change in the timeline, he will have saved the universe.

Muse:  It’s…It’s happening.  I’m beginning to fade!

No!  Don’t go!  I have hardly been your companion!

Muse:  You have always been my companion, Kyle.  Don’t you ever forget that.  If there’s anything to remember about me, remember this.  Your safety is my number one concern, and I love you.  Since I met you in this form, you have always been my fascination.  Much longer than you can ever fathom or imagine…

I can imagine…Being a time traveler and having thousands of years to think about me…

Muse:  Yes, and many regeneration cycles.  Farewell, Kyle.  I will…miss…you…

*Muse vanishes, leaving an original Muse behind*





The Doctor:  Here I am.  The precise moment of her birth, just a minute before I show up to abduct her.

*one minute passes, with another version of The Doctor approaching the house*

The Doctor: Stop!

The  Doctor 2:  Stop what?  I’m taking this Muse from her mother to be born in Gallifrey!

The Doctor:  Don’t!  It will create a cataclysmic cycle of events that will lead to the end of the universe!

The Doctor 2:  Will it?  Well, from my readings, I see that you’re from the future.  I will heed your advice.

The Doctor:  Thank you!

*The Doctor enters his TARDIS and travels to a different time period*

The Doctor:  Now to prevent the Dark Muse from being born on Gallifrey.  If I don’t do this, those events will still happen.

*The Doctor appears inside Muse*

The Doctor:  This is where it starts.  The Dark Muse was originally a bad idea that made a clone of the Muse.  Kyle managed to vanquish the bad idea, with the clone being the only surviving vessel.

???:  Thanks for throwing me out of the TARDIS, Doctor…

The Doctor:  Missy!  How did you survive the fall?

Missy:  It was a fun landing.  In fact, I didn’t really fall at all, thanks to this!

*Missy holds a handheld teleportation device*

Missy:  Now, my other self is about to show up, and we’re both going to make sure that the Dark Muse is born on Gallifrey.  You are not going to interfere.

???: Yes we are.

Missy:  What?  Two Doctors?  Not fair!

The Doctor:  Well, you get two, so we wanted to even the score.  Let’s stop this charade and call it a draw.

Missy:  Should I stop?  I’m having too much fun being evil, Doctor!

The Doctor:   Is that so?

*other Missy appears*

Missy:  Now, we are going to take the Dark Muse, and she is going to be born on Gallifrey.  Farewell Doctor!

*both Missys disappear with the Dark Muse*

The Doctor 2:  Should we tell her?

The Doctor:  I’ll let you when she gets back.  I’m having too much fun being good!

The Doctor 2:  Is her senses off?  What she clearly took there was a decoy!

The Doctor:  Nice job showing up an hour before her and hiding the real Dark Muse.  She will relent after this.

The Doctor 2:  That she will.  Afterall, we’re both evenly matched with her.

The Doctor: Time to head back to the present!

*The Doctor enters the TARDIS and travels back to the present*


Whoa.  Everything just changed back.  And I’m alive!

Muse:  Hooray!

So, can you feel two hearts beating?

Muse:  Nope.  She’s gone, Kyle.  It’s just me.

I’ll really miss her.  I at least have you.

Anyway, time to get ready for tonight’s meeting.  After that, I can call it a night.

Today’s high is going to be 40 degrees and the silver lining is having the rest of the day off.

To those of you like evening activities, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


The Doctor:  Well, it looks like the timeline is back to normal.  He should have his One Privilege.  I won’t bother him or her tonight.  But I’ll visit them soon…


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