Me & My Muse – Day 1289: Icy and Wet

That’s pretty much how the travel to work and back was today.

With it being slow, I was asked to leave early to help the store make labor.

With that, I will now…



Whoa!  I almost got blasted!  It’s starting.  The fight for power has begun.  With the Dark Muse giving out One Privileges to everyone, this planet is now a war zone.  The Daleks, the Cybermen, and all the other races will not stop fighting each other until they have all the One Privileges.  I hope that The Doctor is taking care of th…WHOA!



The Doctor:  This was not supposed to happen.  From what I understand, the timeline was altered.  Who could’ve done that?

???:  Nice TARDIS!

The Doctor:  You!  I should’ve known that you were the one responsible for causing all this.  The Master?  Missy?  Whatever you’re called now…

Missy:  Missy will do.  What do you think of her?  I taught her everything I know!

The Doctor:  That Dark Muse?  If I would’ve known better, I would think that she was a clone of you.

Missy:  She’s my protege.  And isn’t it great?  Everyone in the universe is able to have power.

The Doctor:  Yes.  And that includes the Gallifeyans!

Missy:  I wouldn’t bother trying to change the timeline, Doctor.  We have already won.

The Doctor:  No you haven’t.  That Dark Muse will not exist if Muse is never born.

Missy:  And if she isn’t, wouldn’t I still be able to get the One Privilege?  We have won this time.  Don’t be a sore loser.

The Doctor: Don’t count your victory so quickly.  Remember.  I had her born on Gallifrey to undo the plan that you were trying to devise.

Missy:  And I say that you’re playing right into it.  Because she’s a Gallifreyan, Kyle’s privilege gets taken!

The Doctor:  But if she’s never born, your Dark Muse is never born either.

Missy:  Oh, but she is!  She was able to be born with all of us.

The Doctor:  But you don’t understand.  This can only be done at the point of birth.  Why do you think the fertilized egg was taken out of the mother?  It was taken out to be put into a Gallifreyan.  The Dark Muse can’t exist without the Muse.  And if neither are ever born on Gallifrey,  That puts an end to your plan!

Missy:  Oh wonderful!  I’m so glad that you thought it out that clearly.  I do have a concern.  How are you going to stop me?

The Doctor:  By letting you get some fresh air.  Out you go!

*The Doctor quickly dives at Missy, knocking her out of the TARDIS, which is flying quickly through time and space*


The Doctor:  There.  Next stop, the precise moment of Muse’s birth.  I will stop my past self from abducting the fertilized egg from the original mother.  Hang in there, Kyle…


Is The Doctor doing anything?  The universal war is getting worse, and I fear that this could be my last day on earth.  Hurry up, Doctor!

The high for today is going to be 38 degrees and the silver lining is…WHOA!  Still being alive.

To those of you who are living in fear of the war going on between every power hungry civilization in the universe, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

*a powerful beam is shot down, which vaporizes all of earth*