Me & My Muse – Day 1286: Sweet Saturday

What makes this day sweet?  I have the day off.  A day that I very much needed.

Having just got up and listened to my Bible audio tracks and done my devotionals, I now need to get ready for the day.

The high for today is…


The Doctor:  What are you doing right now?  Are you even aware of what’s going on?

Muse: Look outside, Kyle.

*glances outside to see many distant spaceships in the sky*

The Doctor:  A war is going on.

What war?  What are they fighting over?

The Doctor:  Your One Privilege.  What else do you think they’re after?

That’s okay.  I can make all those armies in their spaceships disappear.  All the armies in the sky will vanish.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!  i said, one Privilege, ENGAGE!  Oh no…Why isn’t it working?

???: Why isn’t what working?

The Doctor:  You again!

Muse:  Dark Muse, can’t you leave us alone right now?

Dark Muse;  I’m sorry.  I couldn’t help but overhear someone telling me that their One Privilege isn’t working.

Yes.  Why isn’t it working?  I have it!

Dark Muse:  You mean this one?

*Dark Muse holds out hand, revealing an intense glowing sphere of light*

When did you take it? I thought that I had it.

Dark Muse:  You thought wrong, dear.  What appalls me is how selfish you are with it.  What ever happened to sharing?

What?  I share the One Privilege with you?

Dark Muse:  No.  You had your chance with it.  I was thinking of sharing the One Privilege with all the friends that I invited.  See all those ships up there?  I’m giving them all a copy.

The Doctor:  How could you be so stupid?  The armies that you see up there are the most dangerous armies in the universe!  If you give them all a copy, the universe as we know it will be over.

Dark Muse:  Oh come on, Doctor!  They all have privileges.  They can make a new universe.  A universe without The Doctor.

The Doctor:  You don’t understand.  If everyone has a One Privilege, the war is going to escalate.  Every army will fight for them until they have them all.  You don’t understand what you are doing!  There’s a reason why it’s a One Privilege.  There should only be one!

Dark Muse:  It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t like to share either.  Well, I’m going to share with them.  Ta ta!

*Dark Muse vanishes in a cloud of smoke*

Muse:  This was all a mistake!

I’ll say!  She somehow got my privilege and now the universe is doomed!

Muse:  Not that.  Me being a time lady.

The Doctor:  It might have been a mistake, but it was supposed to be a means to prevent something important from happening.

The abduction of my privilege.

The Doctor:  Yes.  This plan was all devised by The Master.  He, or she wanted your One Privilege, so he rewrote the timeline so that the Dark Muse could be born as a Gallifreyan.  To foil his plan, I had to do the same.  Your Muse had to be born on Gallifrey to stop him.  But it’s all a failure.  This timeline is doomed.

Doomed?  Can’t you fix it?

The Doctor:  There’s only one way to fix it.  Her existence must end.

Muse:  You mean?

The Doctor:  Yes.  I have to travel back in time and prevent your birth on Gallifrey from ever happening.

Then she won’t be a Time Lady anymore….

The Doctor:  And why would you want her to be?  Your One Privilege was taken as a result!  If I go back in time and do this, and thwart The Master, you will have your One Privilege back and no one will pursue it.

The ships are approaching!

The Doctor:  I need to leave immediately.  The continued existence of this universe depends on it!

Muse:  I’m coming with you!

The Doctor:  No you are not!  I am going to erase your existence.  You will still be a Muse, but not a Gallifreyan.  Now I must go! NOW!

*The Doctor runs into his TARDIS and activates it, making it vanish in an instant*

Well, this is it.  I hope that The Doctor sets things right.  The universe is about the end, and he’s the only one that can save it.

The high for today is going to be 29 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who are enjoying this day off, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.



Dalek Mother Ship


*a large group of Cybermen appear on the Dalek Mother Ship*

Cyberman:  Incorrect!  All living things will be upgraded to Cybermen!

*a war begins, with every ship firing laser beams at each other in the sky*