Me & My Muse – Day 1251: To NES or Not to NES?

That is the question.  The friend visit didn’t happen last night.  I went to Captured and left early.   The main reason was that I was so tired from getting up early and I wanted to relax back at home.  Overall, it was some good company and I enjoyed it.

For today, I will continue watching some more Christmas footage.  My friend may come over or he may not.  I am not quite sure.  I will let you know if he does.


Muse:  Well, I was tired so I only watched my first Christmas last night.

Were you one in that one?

Muse:  Nope!  I was only four months old!  I will be 16 months old in the second one and 28 months old in the third one!

My parents couldn’t afford a video camera in the earlier years so the earliest that they have me is when I was four.

Muse:  My parents did.  Using our Intangible abilities, we can pretty much record anything.  In fact, I’m recording our conversation right now.

You are?  Delete it.  I want this to be a private one.

Muse:  If you did, you wouldn’t be typing all this, would you?

You have a point there.  Anyway, time to watch some more footage!

Muse:   Same here!  I can’t wait to get to my third Christmas!  They couldn’t stop me from crying!  I was scared of Santa and they were unable to calm me down!

Interesting.  Time to watch more footage.

Muse:  Have fun!

*Muse re-enters her pink TARDIS*

With the rest of this day ahead of me, it’s time to get started.

Today’s high is going to be 27 degrees and the silver lining is watching more Christmas footage today.

To those of you who like recalling Christmas memories, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Here it is!  My second Christmas!  And there I am!  Walking around with my blanket at 16 months!  My, was I a cutie!