Me & My Muse – Day 1232: NovemBRRR…

Having been outside today, I have noticed that it is a lot colder than usual.

For November, the weather is finally at average levels.  Should this trend continue, there will certainly be snow before too long.

As something that I forgot to mention yesterday, I actually managed to get some Christmas wrapping done early.  Yes.  I already went shopping and wrapped five gifts before Thanksgiving.  I am definitely on the ball.


Muse:  That might have to wait.  Alaska, Western Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California are starting to get affected by the glowing void.

What’s left?

The Doctor:  After the eastern coast, that’s it.

Any solutions to this?

The Doctor:  Your One Privilege is the only thing that can stop it, but we’re pretty much at stalemate since everything can be undone with her One Privilege.

So we just sit back and watch everyone in the world get transformed into babies?

Muse:  No.   We outsmart them.

The Doctor:  We have to enter the glowing void and go to the source.  Now Kyle, you were able to stop this before, right?

Yes.  I fell asleep and took the privilege from her.

The Doctor:  And then she came back.  The Dark Muse brought her back.  She traveled to a time before she was banished and opened the void.  Stopping this will depend on stopping the Dark Baby Muse and the Dark Muse at the same time.

I see.  So I can stop the Dark Baby Muse and you can stop the Dark Muse.

Dark Muse:  Wonderful plan!  I love the effort that you all put into it!  However, I do see a little flaw.  How are you going to stop me and the Dark Baby Muse if the two of you are babies?

*Dark Muse flashes, transforming Muse and The Doctor into babies*

Turn them back!

Dark Muse:  Why don’t you?  You have the One Privilege, don’t you?

I would, but you would just turn them back.

Dark Muse:  Excellent thinking!  Having the world as a nursery is an amazing thing, isn’t it?  And now we have two baby Time Lords!  Um, actually one.  One of them is a Time Lady…er, em…Time Girl…She’s such a cute one!  Yes!

Muse:  Ehhhh!!!

*Muse shruggs her shoulders at Dark Muse*

They seem to have above average intelligence.  None of them are crying.

Dark Muse:  Oh, it’s because I haven’t made them young enough!  Just a second, dearie…

*Dark Muse flashes, making Muse and The Doctor even younger*

Muse & The Doctor: WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Why didn’t you turn me into one?

Dark Muse:  Why?  Because you’re the daddy, remember?  Say hello to all 6 and a half billion of your children!

I don’t think I want that many kids.  So they’re babies now.  What’s next?

Dark Muse:  I don’t know.  Maybe that One Privilege of yours.  You do know that it’s futile at this point, so you might as well hand it over…

What do you think I’m going to do?  I’ll never hand it to you!

Dark Muse:  Unwilling to cooperate, aren’t we?  I already knew that you would never give me your privilege.  But not to worry!  I have other ways of accomplishing this!  Ta ta!

*Dark Muse vanishes in a cloud of smoke*

Well, things just got dire.  I have two crying Gallifreyan babies next to me with very little hope left.  To stop her, I will need to make a clone of myself so I can stop both Dark Baby Muse and Dark Muse at the same time.

But for now, I think I’ll pause the arc for today.  Things can escalate pretty quickly if I don’t.  That, and my friend will be coming over soon.

Today’s high is going to be 33 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over.

To those of you who like being with your friends, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.



Oh yeah.  To manage that, I will need some help…

*uses One Privilege to generate a group of Kyle clones*

Kyle Clone 1:  Don’t worry!  Kyle’s here!

Kyle Clone 2:  And I’m here too, Doctor!

Kyle Clone 3:  I’ll get her ready for her nap!  Just let me know!

Kyle Clone 4:  That Doctor looks sleepy!  I’ll take him when he’s ready for rest…

Kyle Clone 5:  Is it her bath time yet?  call me when it is!  I’ll give her a bath…

Kyle Clone 6:  The Doctor needs a bath!  Oh! Is it not time yet?  Let me know when he’s ready…

*Kyle Clone 1 changes Muse’s diaper and Kyle Clone 3 gets her ready for her nap*