Me & My Muse – Day 1229: Freaky Friday

To review this day as a whole, I can say that it has gone quite smoothly.

Contrary to what my expectations were for dough today, I ended up making less batches than yesterday.  This made for a very easy morning shift, and a slower than average Friday.

With the weekend ahead of me, I am just going to relax.  I totally earned it…


Muse:  I wouldn’t relax just yet.  A serious epidemic has just hit earth.

What epidemic is that?

Muse:  Quick!  Into the TARDIS!  I’ll show you!

*follows Muse into the Pink TARDIS*

The Doctor:  We have a serious situation on our hands.

So I’ve been told.  What is this epidemic?

Muse:  We just found it.  Both of us.  It appeared on the radar.

*glances at radar, which displays a bunch of red dots on the eastern part of the map*

Those red dots…They’re all over Central London…

The Doctor:  Each dot is someone who’s infected.

What is this infection?

Muse:  Have a look at this.

*Muse turns on monitor, which displays a television news station*

BBC News Anchor (Bradley):  We are here in the heart of London, where a terrible epidemic is breaking out.  All over London, various victims are being transformed into babies.  Why is this happening?  Our sources indicate that the cause is directly linked to that odd glowing void in the sky.  Everyone.  Stay away from that void.  You will be infected.  There’s no telling how bad this can get.  You need to be c…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

BBC Studio Anchor (Linda):  Bradley?  Brad?  Are you there?  My goodness!  He got changed into an infant!  Everyone.   Stay calm.  To those who are just tuning in, we have a serious epidemic.  Thousands of people around London are being transformed into babies.  We think that it might be coming from that void, which could be brimming with extraterrestrial activity.  But why babies?  What mother could tend to them all?  This just in.  We are receiving reports of this epidemic reaching parts of Greater London…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

*Muse turns the monitor off*

Her too?  What Could be causing this?

The Doctor:  That’s the tricky thing.  We know that it’s coming from that void.  And that void is only getting larger and larger…

Muse:  That would explain why it would be starting to affect parts of Greater London…

But why is that void turning everyone into babies?  The only thing that I can think of is…Oh no.  It can’t be!

The Doctor:  Oh no, what?

I have experienced this pretty recently.  When my Muse was going through her baby transformation cycle, that Dark Muse entered her, and she was able to acquire my privileges.  First, the Master’s privileges and then the One Privilege.

The Doctor:  And that void then…It’s a different universe…

Exactly.  On a day that she was 24.25 months, she had the One Privilege, and she was reaching a point where she was losing control of her powers…

The Doctor:  Of course.  What kind of child could control that much power?

She kept growing and growing.  And when she tried to outgrow the universe, she exploded.  This showered the universe with power, and everything transformed.  The universe was remade in her image.

The Doctor:  And it made her into a goddess.  You’re not saying…

Yes.  That Muse and her universe is inside that void.  I thought I banished her but it doesn’t look like I did…

The Doctor:  Of course you didn’t banish her!  When you delete something, do you think it’s gone for good? No!  It gets moved somewhere else, where everything else gets deleted…

Muse:  What about you, Kyle?  Aren’t you worried about this affecting you?

Not at all.  If that’s the same Muse, then she has me identified as her “father”.  I am unaffected.

Muse:  *gasp*  The radar!  The dots are multiplying!

*dots begin to cover the United Kingdom, and begin spreading into Europe*

The Doctor:  That void is growing, and pretty soon our whole world will be inside it.

And we don’t want that.  Everyone will be transformed into a baby.

Muse:  Everyone?  What about the mother?

The Doctor:  Think about it!  If there’s a father, then there’s also a mother…

And she is Nurture.  Unfortunately, she is possessed by hundreds of Dark Baby Muses, so her mannerisms are a little juvenile.  Despite that, she still acts very motherly.

Muse:  Right before Thanksgiving?  Can’t this wait?

The Doctor:  Don’t worry about Thanksgiving.  I can freeze time and extract all of us and this planet from this timeline.  It has a temporary effect, so it would only last a few days.

Long enough to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend, right?

The Doctor:  Perhaps. And maybe even Cyber Monday.  Who knows?  I haven’t used it in a while!

Well, I guess I won’t be having a relaxing Friday after all.  Everyone.  I need to think about all this…

The Doctor:  Go ahead.  We will try to think of a plan…

Okay. Good luck.

Muse;  Thanks Kyle.  Try to enjoy your weekend, okay?


*leaves Pink TARDIS*

Yeah.  She tells me that after I find out the world is being invaded by a baby-making epidemic.  I guess that power that great couldn’t be rid of. Only banished elsewhere.

Well, from what I see on the radar, only Europe is infected right now.  It’s only a matter of time before it reaches Africa and Asia…

How did that glowing void appear?  Can we stop this epidemic and return everyone to their normal ages?  I guess that the answers will be revealed soon…

Today’s high is going to be 68 degrees and the silver lining is it finally being the weekend.

To those of you who are glad that Friday’s here again, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I’ll be back in a bit.  I have to use the bathroom.

The Doctor:  Go ahead.  I already went, so I’m fine.

*Muse enters bathroom, pulls down pants and sits down on toilet*

Muse:  (I hope that void doesn’t affect me.  I’ve been a baby already.  I don’t need to become one again.  And I’m already wearing my embarrassment insurance, with my panties disguising the slight bulk.  Please don’t let it happen again…)