Me & My Muse – Day 1210: Restful Sunday

Considering how busy my week has been, I have made the decision.  I am not going to my Life Groups tonight.

This morning, I went to small church and large church.  After that, I had breakfast/brunch at my grandparents house.  I also visited with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin, and other uncle from Colorado.

With the visiting done, I am pretty much ready for Halloween tomorrow.  Time to relax…


*Muse enters room*

Muse:  Do you have time to talk today?

Absolutely.  I forgot that I was still inside your TARDIS.  I must have teleported here and dozed off for a little while…

Muse:  You were resting for 25 minutes and 38.14683 seconds.  I didn’t want to disturb you until you were awake.  Now quickly.  This information does need to be disclosed to you as it is very important…

What does this concern?

Muse:  It concerns you in every way and I will explain.

Well start explaining.

Muse:  You have something important that has a tremendous influence on the universe.

In this particular story on this particular blog series, yes I do.  Call it a “privilege” if you will…

Muse:  Absolutely.  This particular power or “privilege” you harness is bound to the confines of an imagined universe that we all dwell in…

Plot exposition much?  Yes.  In this particular blog series, I possess a device that can influence the outcome of the story in whatever way that I deem fit.  Now can we stop breaking the fourth wall?  This is a blog series, but we are to pretend that we’re living in real life.  Gotta make it interesting for the audience…

Muse:  What do you think, audience?  Do you think that I should stop breaking the fourth wall?  Okay, I’ll stop.  Getting back to the matter, you possess something incredibly powerful.

Yeah.  I know.  It’s the One Privilege.  And it’s what I use when things in this world fall out of order.  It has been entrusted to me and I must make sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands…

Muse:  Yes. The Doctor has told me all about it.  We both have been trying to track the source of the time distortion.  After having long discussions, we both agree that it has something to do with that One Privilege.  That privilege is a divine privilege, isn’t it?

Yes.  Think of it as God giving you a paintbrush.  This world as you see it is written to reflect reality.  I will not abuse my “paintbrush”.

Muse:  And that “paintbrush” is why I exist and the Realm of Imagination exists.  Be warned.  That privilege you possess is being sought after.

Sought after?  Who would want my One Privilege?  I could stop them at any cost!

Muse:  Don’t fool yourself.  You have lost your One Privilege before.  Who’s to say that it won’t happen again?

What are you talking about?  It’s not going to happen again!

Muse:  That’s where you’re wrong!  The very fact that the time distortion exists is evidence that someone has already stolen it!

Who could be after that One Privilege though?

Muse:  Who?  Why many!  Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords…Every dastardly life form in the universe is after that privilege that you possess, and one of them has already succeeded in taking it.

It’s the Time Lords, isn’t it?  Who else would cause a time distortion?

Muse:  Exactly!  In the distant future, they will take it.

Then why bother?  We are dealing with a future that has already been established.

Muse:  And that’s where you’re wrong again.  History can be rewritten.  How else could I be standing here before you?  I’m living evidence!

So you somehow became a Time Lady.  Could you please explain that?  I know that you merged with my Muse…

Muse:  I will be frank.  That is actually a lie.  I am the same Muse that you have always known.

Then what happened?

Muse:  The Doctor explained this to me.  When he found out about the One Privilege and how a Time Lord seized it in the future, he had to construct a way for it to be protected.  So he learned about me and how I accompanied you often.  Before my birth, he abducted me from my mother’s womb and placed me in the Time Vortex.  I was at the part of the timeline in Gallifrey where The Doctor was born.  With that being the case, I was born along with him, becoming his sister.

But how could you be my Muse if you were born on Gallifrey?

Muse:  I still am.  After spending a few millennia of traveling with The Doctor, he told me that I needed to re-enter my mother’s womb.  So we traveled to the exact time where I was supposed be born and I was placed back inside my mother’s womb.  Being Intangible, I reset to my previous state and was born a second time.  But my second time was supposed to be my original birth…With that, I experienced my new life as a Time Lady/Muse.  Being reset, all the memories of being a Time Lady lay dormant inside of me until I regenerated from being a three-year old…

So you were born in both places.  That explains it.

Muse:  Yes.  And my role and purpose is clear.  To protect that One Privilege at all costs and ensure that no one obtains it.

No one will.  Don’t worry.

Muse:  We can only hope.  Now enjoy your day…

Is that all you wanted to tell me?

Muse:  Yes…Enjoy your day…Bye!

*Muse rushes out of my room*

I’m guessing that she needs to talk to The Doctor, or something.  What she told me explains a whole lot.

Time to get ready for tomorrow and enjoy this evening.  With Halloween being on a Monday, I will be working on it.  Tomorrow should be fun  nonetheless…

Today’s high is going to be 51 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who are enjoying this Sunday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  There.  I told him everything you wanted me to tell him.  Don’t worry.  He’s well protected and in good hands…