Me & My Muse – Day 1200C: Failure to Thrive

I woke up abruptly, afraid that I would be missing my Muse’s transformation.  My Muse was still laying there, peacefully sleeping as a three-year old.  The uncertainty bothered me greatly.  Would she transform into something new or into a baby forever?

Seconds turned into minutes.  Minutes turned into more minutes.  My Muse slept on, quietly sighing deeply with content.  From my perspective, it was like she was having a good dream.

Then it happened.  Here it comes.  I missed it 100 days ago.  This time, I am witnessing the change before my very eyes.  This is it.  My Muse is going to change into something different.

The flash began and intensified.  Her body illuminated into a glowing silhouette.  Transformation energy was coursing through her.

She then began to change shape.  The glowing silhouette…shrank.  My heart sank.  Why is she shrinking?

She continued shrinking until she was a little shorter than she was when she first started flashing.

The flashing stopped. She was…a baby!  No!  No! No!  No no no no no!!!  My eyes began to fill with tears.  Why is this happening?

I looked at my Muse’s new body.  She was smiling.  Her age was…That’s strange.  I am unable to determine what her actual age is.  From age three, she only shrunk about 9 inches so she’s 24 inches instead of 33.  I lifted her up.  She is 19.5 pounds lighter!  She is now 7.5 pounds instead of 27.  Her body is the height of a 3 month old infant and the weight of a newborn.  Her body, however, is built like a toddler.

“Da da da da!” My Muse shouted.

As I was holding her, she hugged me.  She was smiling, giggling, and making all kinds of giggling sounds.

“You are not a baby!” I shouted to her.

After shouting at her, she started to cry.


“No!” I shrieked.  “Stop!”

But her crying continued.  I picked her up and patted her diaper underneath her dress.  She needs a change.

But before I could change her, I saw a flash.  Nurture appeared.

“Did she…” Nurture gasped.  “Oh no!  She did!  I knew it!”

Nurture held my Muse and took a close look at her.  “How old is she?  She has the weight of a newborn, the length of an infant, but her body is like a toddler’s…”

My Muse continued crying and suddenly fell asleep.  It was like it was all that her little body could take.

“We’re going home…” Nurture said in despair.

Still holding Muse, she teleported back to Muse’s room.  I teleported and followed her.

Nurture cradled my Muse and gave me a look that was on the verge of tears.  She patted her diaper.  “Time to change her…”

Remedy then appeared.

“Is she…” Remedy smiled.  “No!  I can’t believe it!”

“You see?” Nurture told him.  “I was right and you were wrong!  She’s a baby forever.  Better get used to it…”

Remedy let out a deep sigh.  “Okay…”

Nurture took Muse back to the top floor of the Tower of Muses, teleporting everything from her room.  I followed, but when I saw that they were changing my Muse, I left the room.  She sat her on a changing table.  She changed my Muse, putting a new Size N diaper on her.  She was then placed in her crib, which sat next to her king-sized bed.

After looking at her for another moment, Nurture shook her head.  “I think I’m going to cry now…” she said, her eyes beginning to tear up.

Remedy, looking at her, nodded.  “I think I’ll join you…”

While Remedy and Nurture cried, I re-entered the room.  I looked at my Muse, my eyes flooded with tears.  I would never see her as an adult again.  My Muse, hearing my tears, woke up and smiled.

“Tee hee!” she shouted.

“Stop!” I told her.

“Tee hee!” she continued.

Then she let it all out.  “Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!”

My tears stuck to my eyes and I covered my face in despair.

My Muse then started crying again.  I used my privileges to make a baby bottle filled with milk appear.  I gave her the bottle and she drank all of it.

Her crying then continued.  I used my privileges again to make a pacifier appear.  I placed it in her mouth and she started sucking on it.  Her crying stopped.

Filled with sorrow, I lifted my Muse out of her crib and held her.  She smiled at me and fell asleep.  I quietly weeped, wondering why this had to happen.  With this failed transformation, I call it a Failure to Thrive.

My Muse is now a baby forever.  This was her new reality and there is no going back.