Me & My Muse – Day 1200B: The Twelfth Muse

I woke up abruptly, afraid that I would be missing my Muse’s transformation.  My Muse was still laying there, peacefully sleeping as a three-year old.  The uncertainty bothered me greatly.  Would she transform into something new or into a baby forever?

Seconds turned into minutes.  Minutes turned into more minutes.  My Muse slept on, quietly sighing deeply with content.  From my perspective, it was like she was having a good dream.

Then it happened.  Here it comes.  I missed it 100 days ago.  This time, I am witnessing the change before my very eyes.  This is it.  My Muse is going to change into something different.

The flash began and intensified.  Her body illuminated into a glowing silhouette.  Transformation energy was coursing through her.

Suddenly, beams of bright light began flowing out of her in three directions.  From her face and her two arms.  The light was so intense that it scared my Muse awake.

My Muse, still three years old, shrieked in fear.

“MOMMY!” she screamed.  “I’m flashing like a night light!!!!”

The moment after she said that, she flashed brighter and changed shape.  She grew taller and her age changed.  The light immediately stopped, and her pajama pants darkened, with the darkening texture running down her legs.

“Um…” I said, giving her an embarrassed look.  “You might want to head to a bathroom…”

My Muse nodded, examining her hands and her face.

“Why yes…” she admitted, glancing down at the dripping mess around her legs and crotch.  “If you were three years old and something suddenly scares the pee out of you making you an adult in a split second, you would be standing there with soaked PJ’s like me now, wouldn’t you?”

I nodded in embarrassment.  “Yeah…” I choked out.

“So look back then,” she said with impatience.  “This wasn’t an easy regeneration…”

“Wouldn’t it be better for me to leave?” I asked her.

“I’m Intangible, sweetie.”  she told me.  “So look back.  This will only take a second.”

I looked back as she told me.

Right after I did that, she got my attention.  “You can look back now.”

I looked at her.  She was standing in her clean pajamas.  The mess was gone.

My Muse glanced around.  “Is there a mirror around here?  I want to see what I look like…”

I pointed my finger to a nearby mirror.  “There’s one over…”

“Never mind, I’ll make one myself.” she said, making a full-body mirror instantaneously.  She glanced at her hands again and touched her face.  “Wow…I’m a little smaller than the last one I experienced…”

“Last one?” I frowned.  “You were a baby in your last cycle!”

“I was…” she smiled.  “I was and I wasn’t.  That’s the tricky part.  I was a baby, and good job for raising me by the way.”

She shook my hand firmly and glanced at me, still in disbelief.

“What?” she said, frowning.  “Oh.  I’m guessing that you want to know about the tricky part.”

I nodded.

“Okay then!”  She glanced at her pajamas again and frowned.  “Hello Kitty? I guess that this is what I get for previously being three years old and having the clothes grow with me.  At least they’re not footies…”  She waved her hand at her pajamas, transforming them into a beautiful blue dress.  “That’s better.”

“The tricky part?” I asked her.

“Ah yes!” She said, smiling.  “Sorry.  Still getting used to this body.  Do I tell lots of jokes?  Am I sassy or witty?  I guess I’ll find out soon enough.  Anyway, the tricky part.  Better ready your ears, sweetie because they’re about to get a bunch of SPOILERS!”

My Muse flung her hair back and cleared her throat.  “You may find this hard to believe, but I was actually born on another planet.”

“Which planet?” I asked.

“You may not have heard of it,” she told me.  “It’s Gallifrey.”

My mouth sank.  Did she just say Gallifrey?  Does that mean…

My Muse continued.  “You see, I’m a Time Lady.  The males are Time Lords.  That’s our race on that planet.”

I nodded.  “I already know what a Time Lord is, but do continue…”

My Muse brushed her bangs over with her hand.  “Anyway, I don’t know how you know that, but if you do, you know that we travel through time in our own time machines.  Anyway, I was using mine and there was this problem that I was trying to fix.  A temporal distortion has appeared, but not in this timeline.  Because of this distortion, I ended up in your universe.  While your Muse was beginning her new cycle 100 days ago, I ended up inside of her somehow.  Because I share the same DNA as hers, both of our forms merged together.  There is no undoing this.  With this merged state, I have all of her past memories…or should I say mine?  They are mine, and the Time Lady form is now hers, too…”

“So that’s the tricky part?” I said, smiling.  “My Muse…or should I say you were dying 100 days ago.  I had no idea that you merged with her…”

My Muse nodded.  “I couldn’t assume a new form until the next 100 day cycle.  And all of this depended on how well I was raised as a baby.  The transformation would only be effective if thrived as a baby…”

I smiled.  “And it was!”

My Muse glanced at her face and hands again.  “I’m very sorry.  I’m still getting used to this new form.  It’s a little smaller than I remember…”

“So you were bigger before you merged with Muse?”

My Muse nodded.  “Yes.  I would say a good foot taller.  He will be shocked when he sees me…”


“Oh!” she said, placing her hands over her mouth.  “It’s really nothing you should know.  SPOILERS!”

“It’s The Doctor, isn’t it?” I said, giving her a smug look.

She sighed deeply.  “It is…How did you know?”

“Well, from what I remember, we did have a meeting before…”

My Muse gasped.

“You said it yourself.  You ‘happen to know The Doctor…’ ”

She nodded, and looked around frantically.  “How’s the weather outside?”

“You know him,” I continued.  “There’s also something else that I don’t understand.  How could you have been born on Gallifrey?  You’re my Muse!”

My Muse parted her hair and nodded.  “Now that’s the even trickier part.  I’ll share it with you later.”

I frowned.  “What?  No fair!”

“All’s fair in love and war.” she said, grinning.  “Especially the Time War.  That was a rather tough one…I’ll share it with you later.  I promise.”

My Muse skipped over to another object in the far side of the room.  It was large and pink, resembling a police box.

I ran over to my Muse and placed my hand on the back of hers.  “Wait!” I shouted.  “Can I go with you?”

My Muse sighed.  “No. I travel alone.  I’ve had companions before, but the last one really let me down…”

I smiled.  “They did but I won’t.”

She scratched her head and glanced at my hopeful face.  “I’ll think about it.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be back, dear.  Now I really need to be going now…”

My Muse entered the pink Police Box and it vanished.

Wow.  This is going to be great.  My Muse is a Time Lady this time?  She even has her own TARDIS!  This is going to be amazing.  From what I experienced so far, I can’t wait until I can travel with her.  This next 100 days is going to be very interesting and fun…