Me & My Muse – Day 1199: Ideas, Conference Call, and Survivor

The above three items in the title pretty much summarize what I will be doing tonight.

First, I will be going to Ideation.  Instead of 5:30, I will try to be there around 5:00.

Second, I will be leaving Ideation at 6:30 to catch my Conference Call at 7:00.  This will last about an hour.

Finally, I will be watching Survivor at 8:00.  When that is over, I will be going to bed.

Before I get ready though, I think I will visit my Muse.  How old is she going to be today?  Let’s find out!

*teleports to Muse’s room*


Nurture: Musie honey, please stop crying!  You have been crying for hours now.

What’s going on?

Remedy:  *yawn*  We have not be able to stop Muse from crying.  Nurture has changed her diaper, breastfed her, held her, and even sang to her.  Nothing is working.

Hmm…So she’s almost 15 hours old, huh?  It looks like she was a second old at midnight…

Remedy:  That’s when she started crying.  She has not stopped since.

Wow.  I would think that her vocal cords would give, but I’m guessing that her ability to cry is unlimited, being an intangible…Here.  Let me hold her…

Nurture:  I’m telling you.  I have held her myself.  She has not stopped crying!  Here she is…

*Nurture hands me Muse*


*Muse looks at me intently and smiles*

Nurture:  Oh wow!  She stopped!  I guess that she wanted to see you!  If you don’t mind, we are going to rest.  She has kept us up since midnight.

Remedy:  Thanks Kyle!

*Nurture and Remedy quickly leave the room*

She’s so light!  Only 2.5 pounds.  And she’s 15 inches long.  Pretty much like holding a doll.

I think I’ll set her back in her crib, and… *sniff* *sniff*  Ooh!  That smell!  It’s the meconium!  This one is going to really smell.  Be back in a couple of minutes!

*one very stinky diaper change later*

There you go.  Now I’ll set you in your crib…

*sets Muse in crib*


*sigh*  Not this again…

*picks Muse up*


So you don’t cry as long as I’m holding you?  I can’t take you to Ideation.  Send in the clone!  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*clone of myself appears*

Kyle Clone:  What do you need?

I just need you to take care of Muse.  Be very careful with her.  She’s a tiny preemie and not even a day old yet…

Kyle Clone:  If you insist.  Where are the diapers?

Right there.  She is so small that the size Newborn diapers are too big on her.  Use that sack of special preemie diapers when she needs to be changed again.

Kyle Clone:  And when would that be?

I just changed her, so you’re good for now.  Her formula, creme, and baby wipes are all in this room.  Nurture will be up later to breastfeed her.  I’m guessing that this will be right before bedtime, so you’ll be free then.

Kyle Clone:  Okay.  I think I can handle it.

Here you go…

*hands Muse to Kyle Clone*

And she’s…not crying.  She probably thinks that you are me, since we look exactly the same.  Thanks for babysitting!

Kyle Clone:  Anytime!  Afterall, that’s why you created me…

*teleports back to reality*

There.  Taking Muse everywhere just wouldn’t work today.  With my time left, I will now get ready for Ideation.

Today’s high is going to be 69 degrees and the silver lining is having Ideation a little later.

To those of you who are enjoying this Wednesday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.



Kyle Clone:  What do you need?  I’m guessing that you’re hungry.  Here’s some milk!

*Kyle Clone sticks bottle of milk in Muse’s mouth and Muse begins sucking on it*

Kyle Clone:  There we go.  That’s what I figured…

Muse:  Pbbbtttt…ppppttt…*makes soft raspberry sounds*