Me & My Muse – Day 1196: Cereal and Rain

Those two things pretty much summarize this day as a whole.

The day started as a downpour.  I went to church and had small church and large church.  I then had breakfast with my grandparents.

Then came the cereal part.  Being on my last box of cereal at home, I bought some more.

What remains today is a couple of Life Groups that I will be attending.  So that’s pretty much this day in a nutshell…

*is teleported to Muse’s bathroom by Muse*

Muse:  I did it! Mama!  I potty!

Nurture:  Good job, Musie dear!  I’m so proud of you!

She did it?  Is this her first time?

Nurture:  No.  This is her fifth time today.  Her diaper this morning was wet.  But since then, she has called me every time.  “Mama!  I potty!  Mama!  I potty!”  I have been taking her to the bathroom a lot today.  She even went after her nap!  Such a lucky girl!

And she’s…20.5 months old today?

Nurture:  Yup!

She’s 29 inches tall and she weighs 20.43 pounds.  The height and weight of a 12 month old.

Nurture:  Today, she’s in 6/12 month clothes and Size 3 diapers.  At the rate we’re going, she might be able to wear underwear today.

Muse:  Again!

Nurture:  Musie dear, you already went.  Wait until you have to go again.

I don’t think she’ll have to.  She’s an Intangible…

Nurture:  Oh.  You’re going again?  Well, let mommy know when you’re done.

Congrats Muse!  It looks like you’re going to be an adult at this rate.  I’m now going to get ready for my Life Group.

Nurture:  Okay.  Have fun Kyle!

I will.  Bye!

*teleports back to reality*

It looks like my Muse is finally learning.  Well, it looks like she’s going to thrive afterall…Maybe.  She still needs to be completely toilet trained, so I’m not quite sure.

Time to get ready for the Life Group.  After that, I’ll be going to bed.  I have a busy week ahead of me…

Today’s high is going to be 68 degrees and the silver lining is getting more cereal today.

To those of you who like having more cereal in your house, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I wan undawear mama!

Nurture:  Okay Musie dear, but no accidents.  Let mommy know when you have to go potty.  You can wear underwear until bedtime, okay?

Muse:  Yay!  Undawear!

*Nurture sets down diaper and dresses Muse, putting her brand new underwear on her*



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