Me & My Muse – Day 1167: Entering My Muse…

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

Well, I finally see it.  My Muse’s house is right in the distance.  Although it looks like a skyscraper, it’s just an ordinary house, only giant-sized…

*exits car and approaches house*

Wow.  Just getting to her door is going to take a while.  Everyone, grab a snack, because this could take a long time…

*one hour later*

There.  I’m finally at her door.  It’s so tall that I can’t even see the top of it…Heck!  I can’t even see the knob…

Wait a second!  This door is so big that I can just sneak underneath the crack…It’s a little tight, but can fit through if I duck…

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

*door flashes brightly, which bounces me backward*

Hey!  So she set up a barrier?  How can I get through then?

*bright flashing door stops flashing*

???:  Try it now.

Gabrielle?  You disabled the barrier!

Gabrielle:  It won’t be disabled for long.  Hurry!

Thanks.  There!  I’m through!

*door flashes again*

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

Whoa!  This goes on for literally miles…*sigh*  This will take me forever just to get to her room…

*teleports to the other side of the room*

I guess not.  At least my teleporting still works…

I guess I can keep journaling at this point.  The weirdest thing happened last night.  I dreamt of of having an ordinary day in reality.  Everything was normal.  I worked my shift at Little Caesars and mowed the lawn.  I did everything as I would in real life.   Wait…In designing her universe, did my Muse make reality a figment of my imagination?  I’ve been having many dreams about reality.  So is reality imaginary and imaginary real now?  I’m so confused.  I guess I better press on…


I don’t even need to guess how old she is with that cry.  She’s a newborn today!  Hmm…The area underneath the door is about the height of a ceiling in a regular house.  About 8 feet…

*walks underneath gigantic door*

But this hallway is miles and miles long.  I will have to teleport to get closer to her room…

*teleports near gigantic door*


Yup.  It’s this room alright!

*walks underneath door into Muse’s room*


Whoa!  This room is enormous!  That crib is enormous and so is my Muse!  She’s the size of a skyscraper!

Nurture:  There there, honey!  Mommy’s going to change your diaper, okay? Tee hee!

Where is that voice coming from?  I hear Nurture, but I don’t see her…I can see my Muse, and she’s floating…Now it looks like she’s being picked up by invisible hands…

How do I enter my Muse?  Let’s see…Maybe if I time it right, I can teleport inside her mouth…

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

Nurture:  Calm down, dear.  Mommy’s getting a fresh diaper.  Tee hee!  (Mommy will also need to be changed too!  I’ll do this after I change her.  Tee hee!)




*teleports inside Muse’s mouth*

Made it!

???:  Made it?  I say that you did!  Do you know what you just did?  Now you can never leave!

Remedy!  So this is her world inside her?

Remedy:  Think bigger, Kyle!  A mere world is just a speck of dust.  A tiny atom.  There is an entire universe inside her!  What have you done?

What do you mean “What have I done”?  She somehow obtained my  One Privilege, and…

Remedy:  The One Privilege?!  You imbecile!  You do realize that she’s unstoppable now, right?

I know.  She possesses so much power that she is a goddess now.  A baby goddess.  She redesigned the entire universe in her image.  She doesn’t even understand what her powers are capable of…

Remedy:  A goddess?  Why did you give it to her?

Calm down, Remedy!  I never gave her my One Privilege!  I never would!  All I know is that I woke up one morning and it was gone…

Remedy:  I’m sorry, Kyle.  It’s just that I have been in her body for quite a while now.  Wait!  Did you say redesign the universe?  When did this happen?

A few days ago.  She kept growing and growing.  When she tried to exceed the size of the universe, she exploded.  Her power flooded the universe and everything was different after that.

Remedy:  Another big bang.  Her big bang!

Yes. And her universe is terrible.  The entire human race are all babies made in her image.  Male and female.  They all look like her…Believe me.  I have not seen a single adult since this happened…

Remedy:  And you never will again.  You’re trapped inside this universe inside her…There’s no escape.  Believe me.  I tried!

Wait!  Weren’t you supposed to look for Nurture?

Remedy:  Weren’t you supposed to take care of her while I was gone?

Yes.  But I don’t have the stinking privilege anymore!  Now what happened to you?!  You were supposed to look for Nurture!

Remedy:  Yes Kyle.  I was doing this.  Don’t think that I deserted you for a second!  It was a trap.  About a day after I left to look for my wife, I somehow ended up in one of her dreams.  She told me that I go “bye-bye”.  And before I knew it, I ended up inside her head.  There was a growing world inside her at that point.  A world that was much too big for a baby Muse…

I know.  With all the extra power that she has, her world has grown…

Remedy:  And it has become a universe.  A universe that we’ll be trapped in forever…

Wait a second!  Didn’t you ever try to find the Dark Muse?

Remedy:  I did, but she’s heavily guarded by a bunch of her clones.  And since she has grown with her powers, her clones are guarding the galaxy that she’s being held captive!  Oh, and I still couldn’t find my wife anywhere in here…

I don’t think she’s in here.

Remedy:  Then where is she?

She’s invisible.  I heard her voice before I entered my Muse.

Remedy:  Invisible?  Why?

I think that she’s only visible to my Muse.  No one else can see her.

Remedy:   How did you get here?

It took a lot of driving to find this place.  Her universe changed the placement of everything.  The grass is all soft carpeting now.  There’s no oceans anymore either.  Just carpeting…

Remedy:  A universe made by a two-year old.

Pretty much.  With messy scribbling and all…

Remedy:  Well, get used to this place because you’re never leaving.

How come?  That’s not the Remedy that I know!

Remedy:  What else can I say?  I usually always have a solution to a problem.  Not this time.  She will rule this universe forever and she will be a baby forever…

No she won’t!  She will grow up and thrive!  I will restore this universe to the way it was!  We’ll think of something like we always do…

Remedy:  Well, good luck with that.  I have thought of virtually every solution that could be feasible.  But with what you just told me, nothing is going to work now.

Well, you can quit then.  I’m going to keep trying.

Remedy:  You’re wasting your strength.  There’s no solution that will work.  I’ve thought of everything!

No you haven’t.  Now I’m tired.  I’m going to rest now.

Remedy:  Rest all you want.  This planetoid that we’re on has been floating around for days now.  Since her universe was made…If you can think of anything new (and I know that you can’t), let me know.  Good night, Kyle!

*Remedy vanishes in a faded beam of light*

Poor Remedy.  He’s used to getting us out of jams.  I guess it’s time for me to do that this time.  I still can’t think of how my Muse took my privilege, but I’m sure that the answer is out there.  There’s got to be some key to this.  I’m sure that I’ll figure it out…

Today’s high is going to be 76 degrees and the silver lining is being able to get inside my Muse.

To Remedy, Gabrielle, and all the angels that are awaiting my victory, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


*meanwhile, in the distant galaxy a few light years away from the floating planetoid*


*Swarm of Muses orbit the galaxy, flashing brighter than the stars*

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…


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