My Writing Journey – Stand Out (9/1/2016)

Have you ever tried to be like someone else?  Have you ever tried to copy their style or the way that they wrote or talked?

If you have, then stop it.  There’s nothing wrong with looking up to someone.  The problem is not being able to develop your own uniqueness.

Think about it.  If you keep copying someone, you’re copying their unique style.  For inspiration, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But at some point, the growth has to begin.  The growth that leads on the road to developing your own unique style.  And it is with this style, it helps you to stand out from everyone else.

At yesterday’s ideation, I was asked to work on the positioning for my website, and to find some things that stand out.  This is important to your brand identity.  Especially if you are a writer.  What are you good at doing?  What can you do the best?  Focus on these aspects as they are the ones that will help you to stand out the most.

Now you also want to stand out with your search results.  Is your approach a unique solution to solving a difficult problem?  Boil that down into a search phrase.  Try not to be too specific, as this will not generate too many searches.  The words that you want to use are the words that everyone else is looking for.  Writing prompts, for instance, would be a very good example.

So there you go.  Stop trying to be someone else and start being yourself.  When you are your own unique self, this is where you start standing out.  Be yourself and keep focusing on that.  Because when you do, this will begin the road to something amazing.

That’s one leg down, but the journey is far from finished.

See you next week!

Your friend in writing,