Me & My Muse – Day 1118: Saturday of Solitude

With my brother working today and my sister out and about for the day, this Saturday is going to be a little quiet.

And do you know what?  That is perfectly fine with me. After a week of all the hectic hustle and bustle, all I need is a Saturday that I can enjoy at home.

For me, the day is open.  I will probably work on my website and get a little bit of indexing done.  Doing 100 posts won’t take too long.  I may also work on the introduction and descriptions for this site.  That’s what is in the works for today.


Nurture:  Look who I got!

It’s my Muse!  Hello!

Nurture:  Say “hi” Muse!

Muse:  Hi!

Any reason why you’re holding her?

Nurture:  Oh.  She likes to be held.  She throws a fit when I set her down.  Who’s that, Musie?

Muse:  Daddy?

Nurture:  No dear!  It’s Kyle!  Now who is that?

Muse:  Kyle!

Nurture:  Say “hi Kyle!”

Muse:  Hi Kyle!  I with mommy!

Nurture:  Yes.  You’re with me, honey.

Where’s Remedy?

Nurture:  He’s working on more solutions to give to Muse.  His goal is to have the Dark Muse sleep for good.

This won’t kill the Dark Muse, will it?

Nurture:  No.  She will just sleep for a very long time.

Muse:  I goed, mommy!  I goed!

Nurture:  You did?  Musie dear, you’re supposed to go in your potty.

You’re training her already?

Nurture:   The earlier, the better.  I actually want to toilet train her when she’s 18 months or older.

How old is she today?

Nurture:  21 months.  She is 30 inches tall and 20.87 pounds, the height of a 14 month old and the weight of a 13 month old.

She’s 7-8 months behind!  She needs to get growing!

Nurture:  I’m not worried about her growth.  She will grow.  She’ll just end up being shorter as an adult.

She will?  If I can remember, her height as an adult was 5 foot 2.  So she’ll be shorter than 5 feet tall?

Nurture: She may be.  There’s no telling.  Each birth is different.  You know, I have experienced numerous different sizes during my past birth cycles…

You did?

Nurture:  Of course.  A long time ago, I was a Muse, just like her.  But during the end of one of my birth cycles, I transformed into a different Intangible being.  Nurture.  Hence my name.

So do all Intangible mothers become Nurture?

Nurture:  Yes.  At this point, we are no longer Muses, and are ready for motherhood.

I’m guessing that it was the same with Remedy.

Nurture:  Yes.  He was a male Muse a long time ago and became Remedy after one of his birth cycles.

Muse:  I goed, mommy!  I goed!

Nurture:  Yes dear.  Kyle, I need to take care of Muse.  Feel free to stop over later.  Muse will like that, won’t you Musie?

Muse:  YEAH!  I goed!

Nurture:  Yes.  But you need to go elsewhere.  Come dear.  Let’s go change your diaper…

*Nurture vanishes with Muse in a beam of light*

Well, that’s that.  All is well with my Muse today.

I will now relax for the remainder of this day.

Today’s high is going to be 78 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who are enjoying this Saturday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I go in potty?

Nurture:  Yes, but wait until you have to go.  You see your potty over there?  When you have to go, let mommy know and I’ll let you use it.

Muse:  I go in potty!