Me & My Muse – Day 1093: Watered Down

Since I am running out of time, I will try to make this one short tonight.


Muse:  I’m sure you will.  Wasn’t last night’s fireworks fun?

Hey!  You just got me all wet!  Wait!  Your body…It’s made of water!

Muse:  Yeah…I know.  I’ve have to deal with this all day.  Don’t remind me.  Anyway, why weren’t you where I was sitting?  I had the best view on the other side of the Tridge!

I was.  You were a machine, so you couldn’t really go anywhere unless I took you there.  You must have been powered down or something…I was with my brother, and we decided to watch them near the parking lot.  When the show was halfway over, we were able to leave downtown with no delays.  And by the time we were going over Eastman on the US-10 overpass, we got a perfect view of the finale.  And besides.  Do you think that I’m going to desert my brother for someone imaginary?

Muse:  No.  But…nevermind.  You were right next to me…

Yes I was.  Anyway, time to get ready to leave for tonight’s Toastmasters meeting…

Muse:  Go ahead.  I need to get a shower…


Shower?  You ARE a shower!  Just bathe in yourself.

Muse:  Very funny.  If I find other sources of water, I just get bigger…


Tonight will be fun.  I will be going to a Toastmasters meeting and then eating afterwards.  That’s pretty much this day in a nutshell.

Today’s high is going to be 87 degrees and the silver lining is earning my Advanced Leader Silver and going to tonight’s Toastmasters meeting.

To those of you who are busy after the Fourth, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Well, I turned on the water and I just keep getting bigger and bigger.  I guess I’m not getting a shower today…


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