Me & My Muse – Day 1012: Finally Friday at Last!

The Friday morning shift came and went, and I survived it.  With that shift out of the way, I can focus on some other things.  I will relax and take it easy.  Work can be draining, so I need to catch my second wind.


Muse:  To increase your energy potential, consume an energy drink.  It’s fortified with caffeine and other stimulants and is guaranteed to optimize your performance.

Glasses, and your hair done up in a ponytail.  And is that braces?  You’re definitely a nerd.

Muse:  Affirmative.  I have just finished perusing a book on quantum mechanics.  Before that, I dusted my entire comic book collection and catalogued all of my Magic cards.  Are you game?  I can totally annihilate you in Legacy!

I am not up for a game of Magic – The Gathering, thank you very much.

Muse:  Very well.  I will defragment my hard drive and then analyze another book on String Theory.  Oh, and I have my website to update too!  Also, my friends are coming over tonight, and we’re going to discuss Quantum Field Theory vs. String Theory.  I kind of prefer the string theory, based on my research.  Don’t judge me.

What you’re discussing is way over my head.  Quantum Field Theory?  String Theory?

Muse:  Well, I don’t expect neanderthals to grasp subjects that beings of higher intelligence are able to comprehend.

Neanderthal?  Excuse me, I’m a human.

Muse:  It’s a label to describe your intelligence.  I didn’t think that you would take it personal.

Okay Amy.

Muse:  Did you just call me Amy?  Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory?  I didn’t know you were a fan!  So have I.  I have seen every episode, and can recite various notable lines from memory.

No.  I’m not a fan.  I just have the internet.

Muse:  Okay then.  Don’t make a comparison to a character from a show that you don’t watch.  Now, I’m going to check my blog again…Farewell, simpleton…

*Muse vanishes in a series of quarks*

So my Muse is a nerd today?  That’s fine with me.  I will now relax.

The high for today is going to be 64 degrees and the silver lining is it finally being Friday and getting paid.

To those of you who are glad that it’s finally Friday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I was thinking of speaking to him in binary, but I don’t think that he would understand that.  Oh well!  Time for that String Theory book!