Me & My Muse – Day 998: April Fools!

Do you honestly think that I would ever end a series like this?

Me & My Muse is here to stay, and I have no plans on ever ending it.


Muse:  Phew!  That’s good to hear.

Miss Muse:  Can we talk now?  Thank you Kyle, for saving us.

Pretty Penny :  Of course, Mr. Walker.  Your help was most valuable to us.

Cold Feet:  Y-y-yes.   There would be no hope without you.  Can I leave now?

Miss Muse:  Yes.  We’ll let you be alone.

*Cold Feet cowers in a corner, covering her eyes and shuddering in fear*

Pretty Penny:  Always shy.  Poor dear.

Miss Muse:  But it’s her strongest asset!

You’re all welcome.

Praying Princess:  Are you feeling better, Kyle?  You seemed upset last week…

Yes.  I feel a lot better now.  Thank you for your prayers!

Praying Princess:  Thank YOU for defeating the Lethal Lady League for us.  We wouldn’t be able to be freed by the Mighty Mistress without you!

Wonder Wing:  Those privileges worked like magic!  They came in handy to defeat that nasty Dark Damsel!  Thank you for helping us!  Tee hee!

Queen Cellulite:  That’s right, honey!  You deserve a really big hug for saving our lives.  I would do that, but I don’t wanna crush you!  Ha ha!

Seraphina:  You are forever in my gratitude for saving the lives of the Marvelous Muses League.  Your bravery, valor and radiance all shined through and saved every one of our lives.  To that, I am eternally grateful.

To all of you, the entire league, you are all welcome.  As for that other day, I am sorry.  I don’t ever want to end a story arc like that again.

Praying Princess: It’s okay, Kyle.   We all have our lows.  The important thing is rising above that.  Farewell!  We’re going to celebrate at our hideout!

*the Marvelous Muses League all teleport to their secret hideout*

Muse:  I think I’ll join them.  After all, I’m still the Mighty Mistress!

I’ll let you do that.

Me & My Muse will resume tomorrow, as scheduled.  For now, enjoy this day full of jokes and pranks.

Today’s high is going to be 49 degrees and the silver lining is enjoying the pranks that this day has to offer.

To all of you who love practical jokes, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I’d like to present a toast!  To Kyle, who saved every one of our lives!

Marvelous Muses League:  To Kyle!

*all of the league clang their glasses of sparkling white grape juice together and begin drinking*