Me & My Muse – Day 996: Parking Ticket

SVSU Map - My edits 3

Last night’s kickoff meeting was a failure.  Both attendance-wise and for my wallet.

I pleaded with them, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Having offered an appeal for last night’s parking citation, the best that they could do was reduce it.

Everyone.  Look at the above image.  I was in the very freaking front of the blue area of J2.  Did this cross my mind when I parked there last night?  Not at all.  Now I knew that J2 was non-resident.  What I forgot was that stupid sliver in the back.  I was on the very boundary between resident and non-resident and they wouldn’t cut me any slack.

Hey parking services!  I have an idea!  Why don’t you change the freaking parking lot?  What kind of institution of higher learning would leave just a sliver in the back for residents?!  J3 makes a lot more sense than j2.  All residents.  No confusion whatsoever.

Well, the check’s in the mail and I hope that you’re happy.  To remedy this, I strongly recommend using my money to make a billboard sign telling everyone that the this teeny tiny little sliver in the back of J2 is for residents only.  Non-residents will be fined.

The high for today is going to be 62 degrees and the silver lining is…forget it.

I’m done.


EDIT:  I feel a little better now.  I forgive the parking services.  They’re just trying to do their job.  All I ask is if they could be a little more lenient.  What if there was a foreigner or  an elderly person with dementia who parked in that spot?  Would you show mercy to them?  Just remember that word, because it goes a long way…