Me & My Muse – Day 919: Can You Hear It?

On an ongoing basis, in every soul on earth, there’s a sound that can be heard.  It’s a small faint sound that can be heard every second of every minute.  Every minute of every hour.  Every hour of every day.  What is that sound?

Is it the sound of your breath?  Is it the beat of your heart?  No.  It’s the sound of your passion.  That persistent and relentless sound beating continuously in every second of your life.

Can you hear a sound like this?  Is it something that you recognize if you were to hear it?  For those who can hear the sound, they are following the rhythm.  They are following the path that the sound of passion creates with each passing beat.  They are in sync with it.  They are in tune with it.  And with this passion, they are doing amazing things.

But what if you can’t hear it?  What if you can’t hear the sound of the passion beating inside of you?  Such people are deaf to their passion.  They can’t hear it nor determine what it even is.

If you are one of these people, don’t be discouraged.  To illustrate, I think of a notable scene in The Polar Express.  The Hero Boy, throughout his journey to the North Pole, has been struggling in trying to believe in Santa Claus.  When he is finally there, a bunch of sleigh bells rang all over in the center of the city square, as thousands of elves with the passengers eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus.

But the Hero Boy could not hear any of the bells.  Not a single one.

When Santa arrives,  one of the sleigh bells falls off.  The hero boy grabs this one bell and shakes it, trying to hear the wonderful ting that all the other children could hear clearly.

Frustrated that he couldn’t hear the bell, the Hero Boy tries harder.  He begins to cry.  “I believe…I believe…I believe!”

The Hero Boy shook the bell again.   And all of a sudden, he could hear a faint ting.  And with each shake, the ting got louder and louder.  He could hear the bell, and all the sleigh bells. He was healed of his deafness to the bells.  His belief in Santa was restored.

So if you can’t hear the passion ringing inside of you, don’t worry.  If there is something that you think might be your passion believe in it.  Both with your mouth and your heart.  Remember.  The Hero Boy had to believe with his heart first before he could hear the sound of the bells.

If every person in the world could hear their passion, we would see more amazing things.  All of us would be better off and the world would be a better place.  With a passion-filled world like this, there would be no end to the love.  No end to the kindness.  No end to the forgiveness.  No end to the peace.  No end to liberty and no end to friendship.  No end to prosperity and no end to growth.  No end to victory and no end to trust.  But because so many have grown deaf to their passions and so many are cold, we don’t have a world like this.

Press your hands against your chest and listen.  Can you hear it?  This is the sound you are supposed to hear.  If you can’t hear it, keep trying.  Reaffirm your belief or find a different passion.  Do this until you can hear the sound.  The wonderful sound of your passion beating inside you every second that you live.


Well, I don’t know if this will get me a job but it was another nicely thought-out post just for you.  I need the experience, but I have all the competencies.  I just need a recruiter that can see in me what others often miss: potential.


Muse:  You have potential.

But are you a recruiter?

Muse:  I’m your voice of reason.  It’s clearly obvious that I can’t hire you.

Well, I don’t expect you to.  Anyway, I need to get back to the job search.

Muse:  Oh, how I wish that I could be your recruiter!  I would give you a job in no time!  You would make a nice superhero.

That’s more of a volunteer role.  Superheroes don’t get paid.

Muse:  Yes they do.  They just don’t get paid in money.  I feel well paid every time I help someone out…Which reminds me.  Someone else needs my help!  I’ll be right back!


Anyway, I am going back to the job search now.  I am going to think positive and keep praying.  “I believe!”

Today’s high is going to be 19 degrees and the silver lining is tonight’s special dinner later on.

To those of you who can hear the sound of your passions,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  If you’re a recruiter, do yourself a favor and hire Kyle for me, okay?  He’s a really good worker and he will not let you down.  I promise!