Me & My Muse – Day 855: Stressful Day is Stressful

With this arduous day coming to an end, I can honestly say that I’m glad that it’s finally over.

Having kept this blog rant-free since July 8, 2014, I still plan on having this continue, as I feel that this is a benefit to all of you to not hear me complain about days that are not necessarily the best.  Today was not one of those days, but still a stressful day.  Brands are important, and I’m all about maintaining brand consistency.

The morning meeting went well, but it made for a very busy day.  Busy, yet satisfying, as I look back on it.

After my shift, I had to make an important phone call.  One that I made just in time.  More information on that, as the details unfold.

After the phone call, I went and mowed my grandparent’s lawn.  I did this just in the nick of time.  Just as I was finishing, it was starting to get dark.

Now I have tomorrow to focus on.  A fun networking event at Apple Mountain…


Muse:  Kyle…*sigh*…I can barely move…

How can that be so? You’re Intangible!  Gaining weight should be nothing to you!

Muse:  I know…It’s the fat that’s controlling me.  I think she’s limiting my movement.

Whoa…You look enormous now!

Muse:  I know.  I weigh about 10 tons now.  Large pizzas do nothing to fill my hunger anymore.  I need 10 of them to even feel partially full.  It’s only a matter of time before I will need a dress the size of a circus tent…

Just keep fighting it.  You can’t let the fat win.

Muse;  I know…But it’s getting…hard…Hey!  What are you doing, Miss Toothpick?  I thought I told you to stay away from my body!

Leave her alone, you gelatinous cretin!

Muse:  That’s MISS Gelatinous Cretin to you, bozo!  And don’t worry.  She’ll be left alone when I put her where she belongs!  In maximum security!  Ha ha!

You are the most annoying thing to ever exist, since that Bad Idea!  You sound like Rosanne with a touch of laryngitis.

Muse:  Well thank you!  That’s what I was aiming for, bucko!  Now if you would excuse me.  It’s time that I take this weight gain to new heights!  Ha ha!!

*Muse begins to levitate into the air*

So you’re too fat to move.  Now you’re going to fly?

Muse:  Why not?  It’s the best way to travel!  The blimp has taken off!  Ha ha!  I’m off to clean out a few McDonald’s!  Later!

*Muse soars into the sky, in a dark flash*

This is not good.  That fat is going to use my Muse to clean out everything.  Restaurants, Supermarkets and eventually, the world’s food supply.  I need to stop her before she gets too fat…

Getting back to real matters, I am now going to relax.  I will get ready for tomorrow’s networking event.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Today’s high is going to be 52 degrees and the silver lining is getting a lot of things accomplished today.

To those of you who like getting things done, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Ha ha!  There!  One McDonald’s down, several more to go!  Ha ha ha!

*Muse flashes and begins to gain weight at an alarming rate*

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