Me & My Muse – Day 806: Summer Outro

Once again, the time has come to say goodbye to summer.

For 2015, what events were the most memorable?  What were the most memorable events in the Summer of 2015?

First of all, I celebrated dad’s retirement, had Toastmasters DEC training, celebrated mom’s birthday, went to a Toastmasters DEC year-end training, seeing Inside Out, seeing Jurassic World, going to the Toastmasters TLI, Jenn’s last day, seeing fireworks at the Tridge, going up north, celebrating two years of Me & My Muse, going to make-up training and getting a free Slurpee, going to Dinner for 6, the club visits, seeing the Back to the Future Trilogy, seeing Pixels, getting a new printer, going to Toastmasters members appreciation night at the Dellars, celebrating my 31st birthday, having dinner at Genji, going up north again, seeing Fantastic 4, Ryan getting a new car, having Blazin’ wings, Ghost Pepper wings and Dessert nachos at Buffalo Wild Wings, seeing War Room, 9/11, watching World Trade Center and celebrating my five-year work anniversary.

With Cold Stone Creamery still gone, I will be getting a Reeses Mcflurry later on.  That Mcflurry will be gone before I know it.  Summer 2015 was the same way.  Gone just like that.  As I say goodbye to Summer 2015, I’ll admit that this summer was kind of busy.  It was a lot of fun, despite the weather not being the best.  There were some hot days but there could’ve been more.  With Summer 2016 just 9 months away, what will it bring?  Will it even come?  Who knows? There is no telling.

Farewell, Summer 2015.  You were quite a memorable summer.


Muse:  Kyle!  *sob*  I weigb 350 pounds now!

There’s not much that I can do.  It’s your new transformation.  Now, what did you think of my Summer Outro?

Muse:  It was wonderful.

Thanks.  It didn’t take much effort on my part.

Muse:  What do you mean?  Are you saying that you recycled it?


Muse:  Well, it’s longer than yesterday at least.

And it’s a good way to end this summer.  By reflecting on it.  Time to get ready for my friend to come over.

Muse:  I’ll let you. Have fun with your friend!


Wasn’t this summer great?  Even though it wasn’t great to everyone, it did have its ups and downs.

Today’s high is going to be 75 degrees and the silver lining is having a Reeses Mcflurry.

To those of you who had a memorable Summer of 2015, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I had a memorable summer!  I went from angelic to gaining a lot of weight.  How much more am I going to gain?  *sob*