Me & My Muse – Day 797: Sunday Seraph Solitude

NOTE:  This post contains some creative writing elements.

This has been a relaxing Sunday so far.  Having attended church and a nice breakfast with my grandparents and dad at Stacker’s Grill, I am just relaxing right now…

*ground begins to violently shake*

WHOA!  What is that earthquake?

Dark Angel Muse:  That was me!  I was just walking around.  Tee hee!

Walking…around?  You’re gigantic!  And where’s my Muse?!

Dark Angel Muse:  Oh!  That Intangible lady?  She was yummy!  Tee hee!

Well, you’re going to give her back, or I’m going to…

Dark Angel Muse:  I’m hungry!  Time for some yummy light!  Tee hee…

Where are you going to get that?  It’s not the “Day of 777”, and even if it was, it wouldn’t affect you…Oh yeah.  It would.  She’s an angel…

*time vortex appears and begins reversing the flow of time to the “Day of 777” and then stopping*

Dark Angel Muse:  So yummy!  Tee hee!

You’re not getting away with this!

Dark Angel Muse:  I’m still hungry!  Tee hee!

Hey!  Get away from me!  NOOOOO!!!!

*gets absorbed into Dark Angel Muse*

That was yummy!  Tee hee!  Yuck! I’m spitting this out.


*gets thrown out of Dark Angel Muse*

Enough is enough.  I’m using the Privileges…Wait!  Why can’t I use them?

Dark Angel Muse:  They were yummy!  Tee hee!  Time to make everything pretty!

Oh no…She took my Director’s Privileges while I was inside her.  How can I stop her now?

Remedy:  I was afraid this would happen.


Remedy:  She absorbed Gabrielle, Muse and now you.  Don’t worry.  There is one way that we can stop her.  Hurry!  Let’s get out of here, before she absorbs everything!

Where are we going?

Remedy:  I upgraded my powers to be able to time travel.  Hold my hand!

*holds onto Remedy’s hand and flies through wormhole*

Where are we going?

Remedy:  Back in time, before she took your Director’s privileges.

What is that flashing light?

Remedy: That’s a temporal distortion.  Because she froze time, the time continuum stops there.  But we can still go backwards in time…

*exits wormhole*

Remedy:  There we are.  It is a day before the “Day of 777”.

There I am.  Can I borrow something?

Past Self:  Who are you?

I’m you in the future.  I need to borrow your Director’s Privileges.

Past Self:  Why?

*wormhole flashes and Dark Angel Muse exits it*

That’s why.

Past Self:  Why bother letting you borrow it?  I’ll just make a copy!

Thanks.  Now we’ll stop her…

Dark Angel Muse: More priv-leges?  So yummy!

*both copies of the Director’s privileges flash and are absorbed into the Dark Angel Muse*

Dark Angel Muse:  That was yummy!

Past Self:  Great.  Now how to we stop her?

Remedy:  We go further back in time!

What is that going to accomplish?  Already possessing three Director’s Privileges, she’s going to follow us back through time and keep taking them.  It’s hopeless!

Remedy:  Not if we outsmart her!  Let’s continue through time!

*20 time periods later*

You were saying?

Remedy:  I thought that my plan would work!  Someone as childish as her CAN be outsmarted!

Apparently not.  It’s just a game to her!  And the further we go back in time, the further the “Day of 777” is going to follow us.  It’s game over!

Remedy:  It is not!  There is one other plan…

You mean, another one that will not work?  Look, Remedy.  As positive as I would like to be, I’m afraid that she won this time.  Witness the end of the world, caused by childish bad idea in the angelic form of a Muse clone…

Remedy:  You have to trust me on this one!  Now, it took me a while to research this, but there is a rumored Privilege that is more powerful than them all.  And you possess that privilege!

Just stop, Remedy!  She’s just going to take it from me!

Remedy:  Oh no she can’t!  This Privilege of legend is called the Master’s Privileges and it cannot be overridden except the one who yields it.

So how does it work?  Why don’t I feel it?

Remedy:  The Master’s Privileges lies dormant inside of you.  It needs to be awakened!  But that requires a tremendous amount of power.

And where are we going to get that?  Don’t tell me…

Remedy:  That Dark Angel Muse with all those Privileges!  That’s who!  My plan is working!

So you had it planned for her to get this powerful.  To steal all those privileges…

Remedy:  Trust me!  You need to be in contact with her.  She is going to try to take the Master’s Privileges from you, but she won’t be able to!

Well, it’s worth a try…

Dark Angel Muse:  You have something yummy!  I can smell it!  Tee hee!

Well, have at it!

*begins flashing*

She’s trying to take it.  But all I’m feeling is more and more power inside of me!

Dark Angel Muse:  Why can’t I get the yummy…Urgh!!!

Man this feels good.  I don’t know about “yummy”, but it feels great.  Almost like a relaxing massage…

Dark Angel Muse:  Urggghhh!!!  Urggghhh!!!! Ahhhghh!!!  WAAAAH!!!!

Man!  Don’t bust a gasket there! So this is what that power of hers feels like!

Remedy:  Don’t let it go to your head!

It’s already there, Remedy.  It’s everywhere!

Remedy:  But it needs to awaken!  With the Master’s Privileges in hand, you’ll be able to control that power!

Control!  This is great!  All she’s doing is giving me all of her power!  Keep at it! Don’t stop!

Remedy:  It’s too much power! It will consume you!

Dark Angel Muse:  It’s…not…WORKING!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

*gets absorbed inside Dark Angel Muse*

Mmm…Tee hee…Urgh…huh?  She gave me so much of her power that I can control her!  Nnnnnghh!!!! GIVE ME THE YUMMY!!!!! URRGGGHHHHHHHAAHHHHHH!!!!!  URRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHH!!!!!!!

There it is!  The Master’s Privileges!  Say goodbye, Dark Angel Muse!

Dark Angel Muse:  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

*Dark Angel Muse explodes in a mixture of bright and dark light*

There.  It was uncomfortable inside her, but she awakened it!

Remedy:  But where is Gabrielle and your Muse?

Hold on.  I need to fix this mess…

*flashes back to the present with Remedy in a bright ray of light*

There.  The timeline is fixed and the temporal vortex is destroyed.  No more “Day of 777″…Now for my friends…

*uses Master’s Privileges to bring back Gabrielle and my Muse*

Gabrielle:  What happened?

Muse:  It’s like I had a bad dream…

It was worse than that.  You both were absorbed into the Dark Angel Muse, which I put an end to, with these new privileges.  Gotta love upgrades!

Remedy:  And the Dark Muse?

Oh.  I put her right back where she belongs.  No more angel form or anything.  And when she awakens, it will all be a dream to her…

Remedy:  Excellent.  And about those Master’s Privileges, Kyle!  You were saying?

I’m sorry, Remedy.  After repeated failures, I thought that we were going to fail again.

Remedy:  But that’s what I didn’t tell you!  Failing was part of my plan!  I knew that we would need a lot of power to unlock those privileges and that was the only way…

Well anyway, it’s nice that everything ended well.

Gabrielle:  Thank you for bringing me back.  After what I have done to you before…

It’s okay.  I forgive you.  After all, you’re my Muse’s daughter.  Why would I not bring you back?

Muse:  It still feels kind of weird.  There was no birth or anything.  You just…separated.

Birth by transformation, I guess.

Gabrielle:  Why are you calling me a daughter?  I’m not…

*Muse hugs Gabrielle*

Gabrielle:  Well, I guess that I am in a way.  In a rather unnatural and unusual way.  A daughter with no childhood.  That would have to be a first…Thanks…mother…I really need to be parting ways now.

Why so soon?

Gabrielle:  Don’t worry.  I am not parting ways for good.  I will still be around, very close by.  I just need some space to call my own.  A being like me requires plenty of space…

Done.  Enjoy your new home.

Gabrielle:  You didn’t?  You really didn’t have to.  It…It really wasn’t necessary.

But I wanted to.  After all that you have done for me, I really need to return the favor.  Enjoy your large realm, courtesy of my new privileges…

Gabrielle:  Well, I am now going to explore my new residence.  Farewell Kyle and farewell, mother!

*Gabrielle flies into the air and dives into my head, leaving behind a trail of sparkling light*

Muse:  Thank you for saving me, Kyle.  Being inside her was scary.

How did you know you were?

Muse:  Like I said.  It was like a bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from!  Anyway,  I’m tired.  Come and visit me later, okay!

Remedy:  I’m coming with you, Muse.  I haven’t seen you in a while.

Muse:  You are welcome to stay, Remedy.  I have the guest room all ready.

Remedy:  All right.  It looks like everything is set here.  Farewell, Kyle!

Bye Remedy!  Thanks for the new privileges!  You really saved the day again.

Remedy:  You’re welcome.  Let’s go, twinkle toe.

Muse:  Twinkle toe?

Remedy:  You don’t remember that?  I always called you that when you were little.

Muse:  Stop…

*both Muse and Remedy teleport inside my head as the conversation begins to fade out*

Well, that’s that.  Another story arc with a happy ending.

With Dark Muse finally stopped, it’s time to relax now.

Today’s high is going to be 67 degrees and the silver lining is being able to enjoy the day off.

To those of you who like days off, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Remedy:  I gave you a lot of nicknames when you were little.  Funny-bunny, lil’ Miss Tee-Hee, braid-maid…

Muse: Stop it! You’re embarrassing me…