Me & My Muse – Day 777: Lucky Day

NOTE:  This post contains some creative writing elements.

With the rest of my day off, I will most certainly use this to my advantage.

The plan?  Continue networking and searching for new openings.  With a college degree and 7+ years of experience in Toastmasters, something’s got to land soon, right?

Gabrielle:  I agree.

G-gabrielle!  You’re flashing!

Gabrielle:  It’s okay.  This is the Day of 777.  On this very special day, I am granted with an incredible amount of powers.  Powers that pale in comparison to any other day…

Powers that can bring my Muse back?

Gabrielle:  Certainly.  That request is quite simple.  Long lost friend of Kyle’s…RETURN!

*Gabrielle flashes a blinding flash and waves her hand, causing a bright beam of light to materialize into a Muse*

Muse:  Huh…?  Wha…?  How did I get here?  Kyle!

My Muse!  Oh, how I missed you!

*tightly embraces Muse*

Muse:  Um, Kyle?  Let’s save this for later.  Okay?  We need to think of the audience…

Oh right!  The audience!  Everyone.  Don’t mind us.  I’m just happy that she’s back.

Muse:  And who is this?  She’s enormous and flashing with a lot of power…

Don’t you recognize her?  She’s your angelic form…

Gabrielle:  I go by Gabrielle.  A name befitting for one of my status.  I attribute your existence to mine being possible.

Muse:  So what happened?  How do I not remember her?

Gabrielle:  Here.  Let me jog your memory.  I cannot express in words how much I love this day…

*Muse gets blasted with a bright ray of light*

Muse:  Oh!  I remember!  I had an angelic form, but then I felt uncomfortable in my Intangible form…

Gabrielle:  As a result, I wanted to separate myself from you, which is what I did.

Muse:  If I am the reason for your existence, that would make me your mother, right?

Gabrielle:  Yes and no.  Your centennial metamorphosis produced an angelic form, which is what I am.  As my form grew more and more, I became uncomfortable inside of you.  As a result, I decided to discard you, along with the extra clone that he gave you for your anniversary.  But after your dark counterpart ravaged my realm and his, I learned the error of my ways, and sought out a way to get you back.  This tremendous amount of power has granted me the ability to do so.  In my disposal of you, I am very sorry.

Muse:  I forgive you.  Afterall, you’re a form that I have never experienced before.  A form that transcends my own existence.  I would never imagine that my angelic form would be that uncomfortable.  All of my other forms were comfortable inside of me…And in a way, I do feel responsible for you…daughter.

Gabrielle:  Please refrain from calling me that.  You are the vessel that I originated in.  With that being the case, I would see myself as more of an angelic clone than your offspring.

Muse:  You were inside of me.  And since you were, you ARE my offspring.  You even grew to the point where felt uncomfortable being inside me!  All of these reflect the birthing process.  Now do I have to discipline you?

Gabrielle:  I share the same likeness as you.  Do I look like a child?  If I were your offspring, I would be younger, wouldn’t I?

Muse:  Not necessarily.  In possessing my intangible genes, you can make yourself any age.

Gabrielle:  But that’s the whole issue.  I am not Intangible.  I am beyond Intangible.  I am angelic.  An angel born from imagination.

Muse:  Stop.  What you just told me was that you were an angel “born from imagination”.  You said born!  And when you say imagination, you are referring to me, Kyle’s agent of imagination!

Gabrielle:  Very well.  I concede.  I just don’t feel comfortable acknowledging my abnormal origins…

Muse:  Abnormal?  There is nothing to be ashamed of, having someone like me being the reason for your existence!  The cycles of forms that I go through every 100 days, I can’t control them.  All I know is that I become something different every time. Good or bad…And in your case, I see it as something very good…

Gabrielle:  And I am very grateful for that.  Now if you would excuse me.  I would like to greatly expand my realm and protect it from that dark angelic counterpart, which could awaken at any moment…

Muse:  Do as you wish.  We’ll talk later!

Gabrielle:  Will do.  Farewell for now, Kyle’s friend!

*Gabrielle vanishes in a blinding flash of golden light*

I noticed.  Her hue is golden and much brighter than the other days…

Muse:  I know.  It’s the “Day of 777”.  She told me telepathically while we were talking.

So you were having two different conversations with her at the same time?

Muse:  Of course!  Don’t you ever do that?

Well, of course not!  I’m not Intangible like you!

Muse:  Oh yeah.  That’s right!  Well, Intangibles can engage in multiple conversations at the same time!

Multiple conversations?  I can barely manage the one with you, let alone several…

Muse:  It’s fun and efficient.  Rather than switching topics, all of the topics can be discussed at the same time.

Each conversation being about a different topic, right?

Muse:  Exactly.  Now,  I’m going to relax in my room.  Visit me later, okay?

Most certainly.

*Muse kisses me on the cheek*

Hey!  You need to think of the audience.  Remember?

Muse:  Oh yeah!  Sorry!  Talk to you later!

*Muse vanishes inside my head in a beam of light*

Well, I’m so glad that she’s back.  I guess you could say that today is my lucky day.  It will be even luckier if I can land a full-time position.

Time to get on that.

Today’s high is going to be 70 degrees and the silver lining is having the rest of this day off.

To those of you who value professional development, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Gabrielle:  There.  My realm is greatly expanded, with a large army of seraphim to protect it.  I will continue expanding this realm and army until the Day of 777 comes to an end.  I indeed love this day…I also love my mother…Wait!  Nobody heard me say that…did they?


Muse:  It’s so nice to be back!  I think that I will do some more reading before Kyle comes over…


Dark Angel Muse:  Tee hee…This light…It’s so yummy!  My  pretty realm!  It’s not pretty anymore!

*Dark Angel Muse flashes, emitting a shock wave that absorbs Gabrielle’s realm*

Dark Angel Muse:  Now it is!  So yummy…Tee hee!

*Dark Angel Muse grows one hundred fold, flashing even brighter*

Gabrielle:  My realm…What?  It’s you again! You will not get away with this!

Dark Angel Muse:  Another pretty angel!  Tee hee!

Gabrielle:  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

*Gabrielle is absorbed into Dark Angel Muse*

Dark Angel Muse:  So yummy!  Tee hee!

*Dark Angel Muse continues growing and expanding her realm*