Me & My Muse – Day 748: 41 Hours and Counting…

41 hours.  If you include every hour that I have worked, including tonight’s hours.  I will have worked 41 hours in six days.  That’s six days in a row.  Six non-stop days in a row of working.

Tomorrow morning, it will be seven non-stop days of working in a row, with around 47 hours of time accumulated.  Having worked so many hours, I will be hard pressed to know what to do on my day off.  From the last time that I heard, it was something called “relaxing”.  What’s the most effective way to relax?  Do I put in a full workday of relaxing?  Do I have to read books on relaxing?  What are the duties and responsibilities of a professional relaxer?  Well, being a workaholic, would you call it a relaxaholic?

Anyway, time to land this plane.

The work for today will be 87 work degrees and the work lining will be working more work dollars while I work.

To those of you workers who love working, I work all of you have a worktastic work.

Workielle:  What’s with all the unnecessary insertions of work in this entry?  Are you workay Workle?  Workle?