Me & My Muse – Day 727: Closing Day…

Since I did not work yesterday, I will be closing tonight.  As the situation was on the Fourth, it started to rain.  Although it tried to downpour, it just couldn’t.  The best that it could manage was occasional sprinkles.

Having that said, today is a closing.  A day to go to church and work a 3 to 10 closing shift.  A day to re-evaluate and reflect (although I did that already at the fireworks last night).  With limited time before work, I will use this day quite effectively.


Muse:  I’m sure you will.  Wasn’t last night’s fireworks fun?  Why weren’t you where I was sitting?  I had the best view on the other side of the Tridge!

I was with my brother, and we decided to watch them near the parking lot.  When the show was halfway over, we were able to leave downtown with no delays.  And by the time we were going over Eastman on the US-10 overpass, we got a perfect view of the finale.  And besides.  Do you think that I’m going to desert my brother for someone imaginary?

Muse:  No.  But they were good from where I was sitting.  You should have at least came to say hi…

If I did that, I would get caught up in the crowd.  When the show ends, I would have to wait behind the crowd of people to cross the Tridge.  After that, I would then have to wait behind a large line of cars just to leave downtown.  All that would take more than a half-hour.  Anyway, time to commence closing day…

Muse:  Go ahead.  I need to get a shower…


Today will be good, yet busy.  I will be talking to my dinner group after church and then work later on.  Oh yeah.  Someone that used to work at Little Caesars will be coming back, so that should be fun.  After that, I will go to bed and get ready for tomorrow’s opening shift.

Today’s high is going to be 85 degrees and the silver lining is seeing a familiar face return to work.

To those of you who are busy after the Fourth, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  What should I sing in the shower today?  I might go for something Celtic.  Maybe a hymn or something…


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