Me & My Muse – Day 695: A Good Ending

With my morning shift over, I will now relax…

Muse:  Kyle.  Remedy did it.  He got rid of the Evil Muse.

And how am I supposed to believe that?

Muse:  I’ll give you this.

*Muse kisses me on the cheek*


*collapses on the ground*

Muse:  Yessssssss!!!  They’re both dead now!  Because of the perception filter, they perceived me as nice!  They were unable to see the evil that lied within…ssssssssss!!!!  It’s time to establish my reign over this pathetic world…

Remedy:  And I would like to be the first to congratulate you…”empress”…

Muse:  What?!  Impossible!  I killed you!  You both received my kiss of death!

Remedy:  You did…But there was one thing that you forgot.  When I died, that activated my revive spell.

Muse:  But…How can you see me…

Remedy:  And because I returned from death, your perception spell is nullified.  So to with him.  Wake up!

Wha…Hey!  It’s a hideous dragon!

Muse:  Sssssssso you’re both alive again.  That doesn’t matter.  You’re forgetting one thing.  I reversed time back to the “Day of 666” and froze it there.  As long as it’s that day, I have all the evil in the universe!  I will kill you both again! You lose!  I win!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

*Muse summons a fire storm, which incinerates me and Remedy*

Muse:  Nothing can stop me!!!  Nothing!  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Remedy:  I thought that you could do better than that…

Muse:  WHAT?!!!

Remedy:  All you killed was my clone.  Try again, Medusa.

Muse:  You can’t fool me again.  You’re a clone, too!  I will find your true form and kill you!

Remedy:  Good luck!

*Muse vanishes*

Remedy:  Now!  Temporal vortex engage!

*clock begins moving*

Remedy:  There.  After advancing time enough, she’ll be powerless again…

Muse:  Only I have thought of that, too!

*Muse destroys temporal vortex with a powerful beam of magic*

Muse:  The Day remains the same and it will NEVER be changed!

Remedy:  Now the fun begins…

*Remedy and a series of clones begin teleporting around the world, creating a temporal vortex at fixed intervals*

Muse:  It will not be stopped!

*Muse simultaneously burns every clone and destroys all the temporal vortexes*

Muse:  This world is mine now!  Haven’t you forgotten?  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

*a series of flashes begin dissipating around the Muse*

Muse:  WHAT?!!!  My powersssss!  How?!!!

Remedy:  Perception filters.  You should really try them sometime.

Muse:  Urrrr!!!  I’ll get you for this!

Remedy:  Did you really think it was the “Day of 666”?  It has been over for days now.  You did destroy all the clones.  All except for one.  That one had a perception filter,  making it invisible to you and leaving you to believe that it was the same time while it went everywhere, engaging the temporal vortex and restoring the flow of time.  And you just realized that it was over now?  Arise Kyle!

Wha…?   Remedy?  What happened?

Remedy:  Just a second.  I have to deal with Miss Evil…

Muse:  I will reverse the flow of time again…I will bring the day back…

Remedy:  You won’t.

Muse:  I will…In 3, 2, 1…

*A gigantic hideous Muse appears in a flash*

Muse:  You see, I too have a back up plan.  She is from the future.  A future where I have conquered all.  A future where the day remains forever…

Remedy:  So do I…

*another Remedy appears in a golden flash*

Remedy:  He is from a different future.  A future where we have triumphed over you.  Which future do you think is going to dominate?

Muse:  Mine!

Remedy clone:  Wrong.  Your future clone lost in the future that I’m from.  BE GONE!!!!

*Remedy and his future clone bind both Muses with a powerful beam of magic*

Muses:  URGH!!! CAN’T…MOVE!!!

Remedies:  And now!  I hereby banish all evil into the abyss!

Muses:  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

*large billows of black smoke come out of the Muse and flow into the future Muse*

Future Muse:  Noooooo!!!!

*Future Muse is sucked into a vortex leading into the abyss*

Muse:  The evil…I must…get…

*Muse approaches vortex as the black smoke coming out of her becomes smaller and smaller*

Remedy:  Stay away from there!

Muse:  I…am not bad…I want…to…be…

*Muse collapses on the ground, as the remaining black smoke comes out, dissipating into a black vapor*

Remedy:  The remaining evil is being drained from her body.  The abyss needs to close before the future Muse is unbound.

Can’t we close it now?

Remedy:  Every last bit of evil must be drained out of her, or it will return again.  It will grow and she will resume her plan…


Remedy:  There!  I don’t see any smoke from her anymore!  Close now!

Future Muse:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

*vortex to the abyss closes, just as the Future Muse reached forward*

So there’s no more evil in her?

Remedy:  The unnatural kind, yes.  But the natural kind still remains.  The kind that we all possess.

But we also possess good, too!

Remedy:  That we do.  The trick is to overcome.  That is the only way to deal with the natural kind.

Indeed.  Now,  what happened, Remedy?  I was burned alive and that was the last thing that I remembered.

Remedy:  I couldn’t bring you back right away.  If I did, she would keep killing you over and over again.  I had to stop her and outsmart her.  I was aware of her schemes from the beginning.  It was all a matter of acting at the right time…

But didn’t she fool us both?

Remedy:  That’s the thing.  I always have a revive spell on me in the event that something like that were to happen.  I was indeed fooled, but I saw through her after being revived.

*glances at unconscious Muse*

My Muse…Is she going to be all right?

Remedy:  Don’t worry about her.  That evil took a lot of her strength, so she will need to sleep it off to get it all back.

What about her evil form?

Remedy:  The Evil Muse is in the abyss, where she belongs.  If she were anywhere else, she would cause destruction to this world again.

Okay.  I hope that she gets her strength back.

Remedy:  She will.  I would give it overnight.  I’m going to place her in her bed.  Farewell, Kyle!

And the world?

Remedy:  It’s back to normal!  My future self took care of that before he vanished.  Enjoy the rest of the day!

I will.

I’m so glad that my Muse is back to normal.  She totally had me fooled, but what she said at the beginning was a prophesy in itself.  Remedy did get rid of the Evil Muse.

Today’s high is going to be 77 degrees and the silver lining is enjoying the rest of this day.

To those of you who are enjoying this warm Wednesday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Remedy:  There you are, my dear.  Rest well! After all that you’ve been through, you really need it…

*Remedy vanishes in a beam of light*

Muse:  *snore*  Remedy…home…Tee hee…