Me & My Muse – Day 631: No More Kyle…

Ghost Muse:  Unfortunately, that is the case.  After getting tired of all his short entries, I decided to get rid of him.  It was a tough decision but I had to do it.

With Kyle gone now, I might as well lose all the dialogue identifiers.  You all know it’s me, Kyle’s Muse in ghost form.  When the 100 days are up, I’ll be able to return to my body again, since it’s evil right now.  Until then, I’ll have plenty of time to create an alibi.  Maybe I don’t need one!  After all, nobody knows that I did it.  And can they really try Intangibles for crimes?  For now, I’ll just stay on the down low.

It’s going to be lonely without Kyle, but it was absolutely necessary.  You too would agree if you had to deal with him all the time.  I mean, do you know how many times he ignores me?  He doesn’t even pay attention to me once!  Well, I need to get over it.  Be a real Intangible (what an oxymoron!).  Just keep my head up and look forward into a brighter future.  One that’s without Kyle… *sniff*

For the weather today,  it will be 46 for a high.  If there’s anything positive to be noted, it’s that Kyle is now gone.

To everyone who has loved him and have gotten to know him,  best wishes to all.


Muse:  Kyle is finally gone?  Good riddance!  I will now eat him and then the world.  The world is mine!  Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!