Me & My Muse – Day 610: It’s-a me, MAR10!

That’s right.  For those of you who are not aware, today is a day dedicated to the mustachioed hero we all know and love:  Mario.


So why is today dedicated to Mario?  To answer that question, all you have to do is look at today’s date.  Today is March 10th.  In knowing that, MAR10 = Mario, hence the reason we have Mario Day.

Okey Dokey! As for this special day, what you do on it is up to you.  You can dress like Mario, talk like Mario, play Mario-related video games, watch the Super Mario Bros. movie (if you dare), play Mario Monopoly, or anything else Mario-related.  Whatever it is, just remember to observe the most famous character in video game history.


Ghost Muse:  *pant*  I  finally did it.

Finally did what?  …Why are you…a ghost?

Ghost Muse:  I finally escaped that evil Muse.  Why?  Isn’t it obvious?

Wait a second!  My Muse told me that her 100-day cycle would consist of nightmares!

Ghost Muse:  My evil form is lying.  You see, the Dark Muse possessed me when I was sleeping before my transformation, and…

This is HER 100-day cycle.  What about yours?

Ghost Muse:  I don’t get one this time.  Unfortunate, huh?

So you finally escaped her.  What took so long?

Ghost Muse:  It…was terrible.  She wouldn’t let me go!  There was all kinds of terrible beasts inside.  Beasts that would make the first one you saw look tame.  I…don’t want to go back!

Muse:  Well I do!  And Kyle, stand still so I can slice you to pieces!

Ghost Muse:  Run Kyle!  She wants to kill you, and then eat you!  I prevented her from doing this for the longest time, but I won’t be able to, now that I escaped.

Get away from me!

*starts to run from the evil Muse and begins to outdistance her*

Muse: Oh, I don’t think so!  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

*Muse begins to grow as she runs towards me*

Muse:  I’m gaining on you…Got you!

Black hair?  Black clothes?  What’s become of you?

Muse:  Isn’t it obvious, Kyle?  I embraced it!  My inner darkness consumed me and it feels so good…

Evil can’t be good!

Muse:  Well to me, it is!  Now stand still and let me kill you!


???:  No so fast!  You are not laying a finger on him!

Muse:  Well, I already did and he’s about to die.  Just one strike and he’s mine!


Remedy:  Well, one spell and you’ll be out.  Intangible magics, bind her!

*a magic forcefield begins constricting the evil Muse*

Muse:  No!  You won’t get away with this, you stupid Intangible!

Remedy:  I have, and you’re not going to harm him.  You are now immobilized and are unable to move.  But, just to be sure…DEEP SLEEP!!!

*Evil Muse is struck with a powerful fatigue*

Muse:  Ugh…So tired…You will pay…*snore*

How will long will she be sleeping?

Remedy:  That will last for about 10 days.  I will send her someplace far away, so she won’t be a threat when she awakens.

Ghost Muse:  I do not want to try to possess her.

Remedy:  That would be a good idea this time.  Should you do that, you would be overcome by the evil inside her.  She may be asleep, but the evil is still awake within…

Ghost Muse:  That’s okay.  I’ve been a ghost before.  I will just wait until May, when I can have a new form…

Thank you, Remedy!

Remedy:  You’re welcome, Kyle.  Don’t believe her lies!  She will try to do this again, to try to catch you unawares.  Don’t believe her when she does this!

Of course.  She is pure evil.  Why would I believe anything she tells me?

Remedy:  You wouldn’t.  Very good.  I will leave you two to get ready.  Farewell!

*Remedy disappears in a beam of light*

Now, where were we?  …Oh yeah!  Mario Day!

Ghost Muse:  Nice recycled post!

So what?  I’m being green.  Recycling is good for the environment!

Today’s high is going to be 48 degrees and the silver lining will be tonight’s make-up speech contest.

To those of you who love all things Mario-related, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Ghost Muse:  To celebrate, I am having a Mario marathon!  Super Mario Bros., here I come!