Me & My Muse – Day 518: Starting Late

With my closing shift ending so late, I ended up going to bed late.  As a result, I woke up and turned my alarm off.  The result?  I ended up waking up an hour and a half later than what I wanted to.

Getting to the good news that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, here it is.  The District Secretary had to step down from their position.  As a result, the District needed someone to fill this position for the remainder of the year.  Since I matched the qualities that they were looking for, I was selected for this position.  With that, I am now the District Secretary for District 62 for the remainder of the 2014-2015 year.

Half of this day is already over, and I still have some things to do before my friend comes over around 4:30 to 5:30.  I have a gift to wrap and some rescheduling to do in order to accommodate my new District Secretary position in Toastmasters.  That is what needs to be done and I need to get going on it right away.


Muse:  And while you’re doing that, I will begin the process of rebirth.  When this happens, your Muse’s memories will be mine!  You will never see your Muse again!  Tee hee!

*sigh*  Time to settle this story arc first…

Remedy:  Not so fast.  You will not succeed in the rebirth process.  Notice anything different?

Muse:  *gasp*  The pendant!  It’s a fake!  Where’s the real one?

Remedy:  Where do you think it is?

Muse:  You have it, and I don’t have time for these matters.  Mother, please come out and help!

Fairy Mother:  I have arrived, and I see that the rebirth process has not begun yet.  Why is that, my dear?

Muse:  This pendant is a fake!  An imposter took the real one with all the memories…

Fairy Mother:  Well, we know who the imposter is.  Remedy.  Relinquish the pendant NOW!

Remedy:  You may have it after I’m dead.

Fairy Mother:  Being difficult, are you?  I would expect as much from someone like you.  Assembly of fairies, seize him!

*an enormous swarm of fairies appear and begin closing in on Remedy*

Remedy:  This is it.  I’ve done everything I could…

*the fairies grab Remedy and present him to the Fairy Mother*

Fairy Mother:  Now, hand me the pendant!

Remedy:  I don’t have it.

Fairy Mother:  WHAT? How can this be?

Real Remedy:  What my clone is trying to say is that he doesn’t have it but I do.  Now to execute the plan!  Fairies, BEGONE!

*Remedy blasts a powerful beam that vaporizes the swarm of fairies*

Fairy Mother:  My beautiful children!  You will pay for this!

Remedy:  You should know that they’re not dead.  Fairies don’t die.  They just return to the place where they were born.  Book of fairies, remember?!

Fairy Mother:  I know.   But they will all have to be born once again before I can have them deal with you.  Or, my beautiful soon to be child can bring them all back with her Intangible abilities after she’s been reborn as a fairy!  Hand over the pendant, NOW!

Muse:  Let me help you, mother.

Remedy:  Let me help you remember who you are, by destroying this prison of memories…

*Remedy throws pendant into the air and blasts it with a powerful beam of magic, freeing all the memories that were inside*

Muse:  Wha…What’s going on?

*A bright series of flashes begin flowing into the Muse*

The memories!  They’re returning!

Fairy Mother:  Nooooo!!!!

Muse:  Oh…It’s you!  I know who you are!  I saw you from inside the pendant!  You are going down!  Remedy?

Remedy:   I’m ready.

*both Remedy and Muse blast a powerful beam at the Fairy Mother*

Fairy Mother:  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  My existence is fading…You will p…

*Fairy Mother flashes into a beam, which is absorbed by the Muse*

What happened?

Muse:  Don’t you know?  Just like fairies, Fairy Mothers don’t die.  They remain alive just as long as someone’s memories keep them alive.  And since they’re my memories, she will be a totally different Fairy Mother.  You should really ready that Book of Fairies more often…

And what happened to the fairy that tried to take your memories and get herself reborn?

Muse:  She is under my control now.  I have all of her memories, which I can do with what I please.  Tee hee!

Remedy:  And the plan worked.  Didn’t think it would work, did you?

Could you please explain the plan to me?

Remedy:  Having studied that Book of Fairies numerous times, I knew that fairy magic was the only thing that could destroy a fairy.  But the problem was that I needed a way to have access to this fairy magic.  That’s where I found a vault that contained all of the entire fairy kingdom’s reserve supply of magic.  This was to be used on the Fairy Mother in an emergency.  But with the vault being heavily guarded, I needed a way to get all the guards away from the vault.  So I created a clone and I made him pretend to have the pendent.  I easily stole the real one while the fairy Muse was sleeping and made the exchange.  I let the clone get captured and made myself known at that point.  I knew that in doing that the Fairy Mother would summon her entire assembly of fairies on me, leaving me to go and help myself to the reserve supply of fairy magic.

But how did you get it, if you were right there talking to her?

Remedy:  I used another clone!  That clone drained all the magic from the reserve vault and transferred it to me while I was confronting her.  His timing was perfect.  I dispatched all the fairies and used that same magic to shatter the pendant.  I knew that the fairies and the Fairy Mother wouldn’t die, as the Book of Fairies is a magical book that carefully protects their existence.

Muse:  And they are all safe and sound in my realm.  In fact, most of the fairies that Remedy destroyed are are already reborn!  They are all happy and none of them seek revenge on us.

That sounds good.  Another good end to a story arc.  Now can I get ready, Tinkerbell?

Muse:  For that, I will turn you into a gnat! …Just kidding!  I’ll let you get ready, while I reacquaint myself with that fairy’s memories.  Don’t worry.  I’ll get rid of her bad ones.  Tee hee!

Sounds good to me.  Time to get ready.

Today’s high is going to be 39 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over tonight.

To those of you who have a lot of things to do, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I love these fairy wings!  I also love being 3 inches tall! Tee hee…