Me & My Muse – Day 515: Christmas Shopping – Part I

With Christmas only 20 days away, it begins.  The season of shopping.  And not having the knowledge of what everyone wants, this is only the beginning.

For starters, I have to buy a $30 gift that would be suitable for a man.  How do I know what that ideal gift would be?  This will be the harder one to shop for, but I will make sure that I get it done today.

All the rest will be easier, and they will be finished in due time.

And getting back to the Book of Fairies, I have taken the time to read it.  Considering the information that is in there, I am expecting that my fairy-Muse did not think that I was actually going to read all of that.  Who does she think she is?  I’m smarter than that.

For one thing, in the section under Unnatural Fairies it mentions rather clearly that anyone that becomes a fairy loses all the memories that they had from their previous form.  But these memories are not lost forever.  Instead, these memories are stored inside a pendant, which the fairy must wear at all times.  This helps the fairy to understand how the previous form behaves and they can use those memories to emulate that form perfectly.

Now the Natural Fairy section is totally different.  These fairies are born from a Fairy Mother and do not need to wear the memory pendants.  They are a natural fairy so the form that they have is original.  But that’s besides the point.  I have an important talk with my Muse, next time that I see her.


Muse:  What do you need to discuss?

I don’t know.  Maybe all those secrets that are written in the Book of Fairies?

Muse:  I heard the whole thing.  I didn’t think that you would read it all, but I guess I underestimated you.

You really did, considering that you don’t know me.  I, however, know you very well.  You have something very important, and I want it.  Give up the pendant.

Muse:  What?  So that you can have all of your Muse’s memories back?  Never!  I will turn you into a gnat instead.  How about that?

???: That does not sound like a good idea.


Remedy:  Turn him into a gnat and I’ll turn him right back.  What do you say to that?

Muse:  Then I’ll turn YOU into a gnat!

Remedy:  You can’t!  I’m an Intangible.  And you’re a Tangible Fairy in an Intangible body.  This means that your magic only affects Tangibles.

Muse:  *sigh*  My adoptive mother told me about you, and how much trouble you would be.  For now, I shall retreat, and seek her council.

Couldn’t you just summon her?

Muse: The Fairy Mother is very particular about when she wants to be summoned.  She is very busy and she doesn’t want to be bothered with our affairs.  Therefore, I will fly to her and discuss the matter myself.

And the pendant?

Muse:  I will never let you have it.  And I’m sure that you read enough in that Book of Fairies to know that unnatural fairies can become natural ones through a rebirth process.  We will discuss that process, and I will see to it that it happens very soon.  Tee hee!

No!  That can’t happen!

Muse:  Oh!  But it will!  I am going to my soon to be real, mother. This entry is indeed longer.  Thank you for granting my wish!

*fairy Muse zooms into the sky, leaving behind a flurry of sparkles*

Remedy:  Don’t worry about her.  I have a plan to set your Muse free.  It’s a stretch, but I know that it will work.

I hope that it does.

Remedy:  It will.  Don’t worry.  I will now let you get ready.

Time to get going.  After today’s shift, I will be shopping.

Today’s high is going to be 37 degrees and the silver lining will be shopping for Christmas gifts later on.

To those of you who like Christmas shopping, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Oh, how I long to be reborn as a real fairy!  Once that happens, I will be imbued with all of Muse’s memories and she will be gone forever!  I hope that mother says yes!  I know that she will! Tee hee hee hee hee!!!!