Me & My Muse – Day 506: Thanksgiving Eve

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I need to get ready.  My store might be a little busier.  That, and I want to play a little more of my game.
With me still needing to get ready for the day, I will end this entry. 

Muse: So have you thought of your wishes yet?

Yes.  I wish that you were the same exact Muse that I knew.  I want to celebrate Thanksgiving with a Muse, not a fairy Muse that doesn’t act like my Muse at all…

Muse:  I understand.  Your wish is granted!

*Muse flashes and changes form*

Muse:  What happened?

You were a fairy Muse, and you just granted my wish.

Muse:  I did?  I can’t remember that!

Well, it’s the day before Thanksgiving.

Muse:  Thanksgiving?  Now I remember!  I already have that taken care of.  Besides, it only takes a second to prepare everything with Intangible magic.  Remedy, Nurture and several other Intangible friends  will be coming over.

It should be a fun gathering.

Muse:  I know.  I need to go on the finishing touches.

Okay.  I’ll let you do that.
Today’s high is going to be 42 degrees and the silver lining will be finishing my final shift before Thanksgiving.

To those of you who are busy preparing for Thanksgiving, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I only have one more thing to make:  desserts!  Better get on that!