Me & My Muse – Day 464: Cedar Point Speech Preparation and a Closing Shift

With a speech to prepare for tomorrow and a closing shift to work this afternoon, I have my work cut out for me.

That pretty much makes today straightforward.  Get ready for the day, have lunch, prepare for speech and go to work.

As it is, I don’t really need to prepare much for this speech.  All I need to do is organize the chronological flow with the visual aids.  Besides that, I have a pretty good speech for tomorrow night.

In looking at the rest of the week, I have another morning shift tomorrow (a 9-3) with a Toastmasters meeting in the evening.

As Club President, I want to address every club executive individually through email (or phone if they don’t respond to my email) and talk to them about how they have been carrying out their role.  To be honest, I don’t know how much the previous Club President has done, but for health reasons, the torch was handed to me.  With that the role, I want to round up my team and empower them with everything that they need to succeed.  For the Sergeant at Arms, it would be making sure that we have enough supplies and that the room is available every meeting. For the Secretary, it would be making sure that we have records of what is going on at the meeting and (more importantly) the club officer meetings.  For the Treasurer, it would be making sure that our club budget is balanced and that every new member’s payment is processed.  I also want to make sure that all the payments are going through.  For the Vice President of Public Relations, I want to make sure that the promotional efforts outside the club are going well.  I want to make sure that our brand is consistent and that press releases are circulated to promote the club for events like speech contests and open houses.  This also includes making sure that the website is up to date.  For the Vice President of Membership, it would be to make sure that new members are recruited, guests are assisted and that membership applications are processed, along with all the membership building contests.  And with our VP Membership leaving the club very soon, we will need a new VP Membership to take that person’s place.  For the Vice President of Education, it would be to make sure that our mentoring program is up to date, the education awards are submitted and that the schedule for is meeting is filled.  And with the VP Education taking a vacation for a short while.  I will need to fill those duties in their absence.  So  in contacting every club executive, I can ensure that this club is on the road to success.

For Friday, I have a long closing shift from 3 to midnight.  I will have Saturday off, where I will visit a friend in Mt. Pleasant.

Without further ado, I need to get ready.

Muse:  Club President, huh?  Try Area Governor, Division Governor, Lieutenant Governor of Marketing, Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training and District Governor and then come back to me.  I have served them all at least once.  Furthermore, I had to learn each one on my own, since Toastmasters was new to the imaginary realm.

You forgot International Director and organization president.

Muse:  We don’t have those, but we have something similar.  Region director and Realm President.  Since this is Toastmasters for Intangibles, the leader would be president of the Imaginary division, and the actual organization president would be president of the whole organization.

Okay.  I need to get ready.

Muse:  I’ll let you.  Good luck on your preparation and closing shift!

Thanks.   Now to get ready.

Today’s high is going to be 65 degrees and the silver lining is having time to prepare for my speech.

To those of you who like having time before work, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  He’s getting there, but he has yet to try a District position.  It’s a lot more responsibility but its a growing experience.  I know, having started the Intangible Division from scratch…