Me & My Muse – Day 397: Pay Day – The Aftermath

Well, I’m wide awake and I made it through my 5 to 10 shift pretty well.  Having already eaten dinner at work, I didn’t need to get anything afterwards.  After a little streetpassing at McDonald’s, I deposited my awesome check.  I then came home and turned in for the night.

Today, I will be working a 1 to 6.  A friend will be visiting afterwards.  Like usual, it will be a lot of fun.  But he can’t stay too late, since I have a morning shift tomorrow…

On the imaginary side, I made it.  I just got to the palace.  I am now entering it to confront the heart of the void…

*enters palace and hears some frightened screams*

Muse:  Let me out!

Original Muse:  Who said that?  I want out, too!

Dark Muse:  I’m scared. I want out, now!  Tee hee…

Those must be the three Muses.  They’re each isolated in their own cell, so they can’t see each other…

???:  That’s because I don’t want them to lose all their confidence.

It’s you.  The confidence void…

*a dark void encased in shadow flies forward*

Void:  You are correct.  I am the heart of the void, and I am very pleased to see you here.

You want my confidence.

Void:  I hunger.  My hunger never ceases.  It continually grows and grows.

Nice.  So you go and drain all the confidence in the universe, using the body of the Dark Muse as your shell.  What then will you do when there’s no confidence left?

Void:  Your privileges.  I can consume them and produce an endless amount of confidence.  I will infinitely grow and my existence will be everywhere.

It already is, and the stench is horrible.  How can you go on with a universe without confidence?

*Dark void morphs into a dark silhouette of the Dark Muse*

Void:  What does it matter?  I only have one goal.  To satisfy my hunger!!!!

Dark Muse (from the outside):  Tee hee!  These are only crumbs!  I’m still Hungry!!  Still hungry!!!

Remedy:  Kyle!  The Dark Muse!  She’s about to consume the last bit of confidence in the universe!

Dark Muse:  I’M SO HUNGRY!  SO HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Dark Muse drains every last bit of confidence, growing to the size of the universe*

Void: I already did, and it was a good appetizer.

At least she didn’t get the Realm of Imagination…

Dark Muse:  *sobs*  I’m still hungry!  Where can I find more food?  I know!  I’ll go to that other place!  Tee hee!

*Dark Muse drains all the confidence in the Realm of Imagination*

Dark Muse:  Is that it?  I’m still hungry!!!  Tee hee…

Void:  That realm was like eating dust.  I still hunger.  Give me the privileges!  I can grow forever!

Muse:  What are these voices?  I don’t like them!

Original Muse:  Neither do I!  Make them go away!

Dark Muse:  Pretty please?  Tee hee!

Void:  Those three can’t lose all their confidence, or I lose control of them.  Now, give me the privileges!


Void:  There is no need to fight.  Don’t you know who you’re dealing with?

*a large vacuum appears, sucking up everything in sight*

Void:  The privileges!  There!  Thank you for cooperating.  Now my never ending hunger can be satisfied!

*Dark Muse begins outgrowing the universe, infinitely draining more and more confidence*

Dark Muse:  Yummy!!!  Tee hee hee hee!  So good!  So much food!  I’ll never go hungry again!  Tee hee!


Void:  Yes!  I will now drain your confidence and the confidence of your intangible friend…

Remedy!  The invention!  Hurry!

*the Void drains every bit of my confidence*

Remedy:  Here it goes.  I hope it works…First, the other void…

Void:  Another void?  That’s just a tiny speck.  I’ll engulf it!

Remedy:  This one’s…super charged…Ahhh!!!! Run away!

Having a panic attack…I need to get away from Remedy, now!!!!

Void:  Don’t you see?  I win!  And with the privileges, I will never go hungry again…

*the other void grows at an exponential level and explodes, outgrowing the size of the universe*

Void:  What’s going on?  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

*heart of the Void gets sucked into the other void*

What is that?

*grabs executive privileges, which immediately restores confidence*

Oh no!  I need to shut that void into the abyss before it sucks up all existence!

*uses executive privileges to open the abyss, throwing the other void into it*

Now to close it!

*uses executive privileges to close up the abyss*

Whew!  That was close!

Remedy:  Ahh!  It’s Kyle!  Get away from me…

Here.  Have some of this…

*uses executive privileges to restore Remedy’s confidence*

Remedy:  Thank you.  Now, I will use the invention.  I hope it works…

*Remedy presses button, which causes the whole room to explode with confidence*

Wait a second!  What Muse are we in now?

Muse:  You’re inside me, the shy Muse…

*confidence bursts out of the Shy Muse, floating in outer space, resulting in numerous explosions, filling the entire universe with confidence*

Muse:  Can you let us out now?

Original Muse:  We’re still locked in!

Dark Muse:  Yeah!  I want out!  Tee hee!

Here you go…

*uses executive privileges to unlock the cell doors to the three Muses*

Muses:  Thanks!

*all three Muses exit cells and run towards me and Remedy*

Muse:  Thank you for freeing me.  So Kyle.  This is what confidence feels like?

Yes.  Isn’t it good?

Muse:  I don’t like it.  It feels good to be confident, but it’s just not who I am.  Kyle.  Put me to sleep and drain all of my confidence.

Put you to sleep?  Drain your confidence?  Why?

Muse:  If I’m awake, I’ll be able to control the Muse outside me.  You want your Muse to be in control, right?  Now, put me to sleep and drain my confidence…

But don’t you want to be confident?

Muse:  I don’t.  I like being shy.  It’s who I am.  It’s who I always will be.

I will, on one condition.  About the confidence void…Did you believe that there was one the whole time?

Muse:  I honestly didn’t think that there was, because I didn’t have the confidence to believe that.  What you saw was my true actions.  I know that this may sound weird, but the Void actually made me feel more like myself.  And I felt better, now believing that there was any void at all.  Now, put me to sleep.  Take away all my confidence…I will reawaken as a shy ghost after the 100th day has passed.

Original Muse:  Do what she says.


Original Muse:  Trust me.  That Muse is a part of me.  I’m not always shy, but I am sometimes.  Also, you promised to do so.  Now deliver on your promise!

Very well.  It was nice seeing you confident while it lasted.  I’ll see you again, when you reawaken…

Muse:  Thank you.  I may not visit you, due to being shy.  But you can try to visit me…

Dark Muse:  Good night!  Tee hee…

*uses executive privileges to put the Shy Muse to sleep and drain all of her confidence*

Dark Muse:  I’m staying inside!  Tee hee!

Original Muse:  No you’re not.  You’re going with Kyle.  I’m staying here.

Dark Muse:  But this is my home!  Tee hee!

Original Muse:  You have your own home.  This one is mine.  Stay out of this one for me, okay?

Dark Muse:  *sigh*  Oh.  Alright!  Just let me visit every now and then, okay?  Tee hee…

Original Muse:  Deal.  Bye Dark Muse!  Bye Remedy!  Bye Kyle!  See you both on the outside!  Here.  I need to get back to earth…

See you outside!

*teleports outside of Muse, ending up at home*

Muse:  Kyle?  Go away!  I’m having a panic attack!

What’s going on!  I thought that Shy Muse was asleep…

Muse:  She is.  It’s just that I have these shy tics that pop up every now and then…See you tomorrow, Kyle!  Urr…These stupid tics!  Bye!

*Muse vanishes in a flash of light, into my head*


Once again, she has to deal with the tics.  Like any of them in the past, it will take time for them to go away.  I hope that they go away in time for my birthday…

Anyway, it’s time that I get ready for today!

Today’s high is going to be 79 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over tonight.

To those of you who loving having company over, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I actually didn’t want to leave Kyle so early.  Actually, I did.  I’m afraid of him.  No I’m not!  Yes I am!  Urr!  Stupid tics!  I hope that they go away soon…