Me & My Muse – Day 379: Open Up and Say Ah…

Today was an errand day, but a good one at that.  I went to my dentist appointment, bought milk for mom, bought my Egg Beaters and came home.

To sum up today, it’s another refresher.  Just last night, I went to a Toastmasters meeting in Mount Pleasant.  Today will consist of tying up loose ends and tomorrow will consist of a morning shift.


Muse:  Ah…I’m so happy!


Woah!  Your size has doubled from when I last saw you!

Muse:  I know!  And I keep getting hungrier and hungrier the bigger I get.  Where can I satisfy my hunger pains?  Ah!!!

Around more people full of confidence, of course.  But it won’t ever satisfy.  You’ll just keep sucking up more and more confidence like the leech you are.

Muse:  A leech?  You’re really funny, you know that?

And now you’re being sarcastic.

Muse:  I’m not.  I’m serious!  That was funny!  Me?  A leech?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Whoa!!!  I just felt a strong drain of confidence!

Muse:  And I just felt myself grow a few more feet!  I love this confidence!  I’ve always been shy before…

Unfortunately,  you’re just a shell speaking to me.  A shell fused with the Shy Muse’s memories.  The real Shy Muse is inside you, bawling her eyes out, all isolated and alone.  Too shy to escape.  My Muse is in the same condition, deep inside you, shedding those desperate and lonely tears of hers, wallowing in her own shyness…

Muse:  You are sadly mistaken!  I am your Muse!

Correction.  A shell fused with the Shy Muse’s memories and my Muse’s memories.  You’re the mouthpiece of the Confidence Void, and you’re joyfully celebrating your freedom.  Now that you, the void have grown large enough, you managed to completely absorb the Shy Muse and my Muse at the same time and you control them both.  A shell with shared memories from two different Muses.  A shell with a complete denial of its true identity, due to it being repressed deep inside.

Muse:  Did you just make that up on the spot?  That was hilarious, Kyle!  Keep going!

Like I said. Denial.  Because the void is a parasite.  A void donning its new identity as a Muse.  A void that will suck up every bit of confidence in the universe until there’s nothing left.

Muse:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  That was too funny!  Stop it! Before I…

*Muse vanishes and then reappears, to the sound of a flushing toilet*

Muse:  Phew!  That was close!  I’m still hungry!

But your hunger will never end!  You’ll keep feeding on confidence and growing until there’s nothing left!

Muse:  Nothing left?  Okay.  Enough jokes.  I’m hungry…

Ugh…She’s draining more and more confidence from me…

Muse:  I’M SO HUNGRY!!!!!

*gets knocked to the ground as the Muse begins to flash*

Oh no…Get away!

Muse:  Oh!!! The hunger!  You’re not helping so I’m going to find some more people.  That usually helps my hunger problem.  Bye!

*the Muse, now 100 feet tall, vanishes in a bright flash*


Whoa…Why am I feeling so…phew!  It’s coming back.  She drained so much of my confidence that it took a while for me to regain it.  There.  My confidence is back to normal now.  That formula that Remedy gave me really comes in handy.

Getting back to reality, that was my day in a nutshell.  A day of errands.

Today’s high is going to be a scorching 91 degrees and the silver lining is getting my teeth all clean.

To those of you who love having cleaner teeth, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


*a large crowd of shy people run out of a corporate office building, screaming in fear*

Crowd:  What’s happening to me?

Muse:  I feel so great! The hunger is starting to lessen…

*the Muse doubles in size again, with the dark aura flashing intensely*

Muse:  And now I’m hungry again!  I need to find a place with lots and lots of people.  I know!

*the Muse walks down the street with a widening smile on her face*