Me & My Muse – Day 376: Greetings From Hubbard Lake!

Well, I did it.  You didn’t think that I would make one but here it is.

Being on my little vacation of mine,  I would have to say that it is pretty good.  The lake is pretty nice right now and what I ate this morning was pretty good.  I will now enjoy the boat ride on the lake…..

Oh yeah.  One other thing.  The Shy Muse is starting to act strange and I can’t find my Muse anywhere.  I looked in her house and she was not there…


Remedy:  That’s because she entered the Shy Muse.

What?  She did?

Remedy:  I saw it happening.  Quick.  Drink this confidence formula.

So you finished it?

Remedy:  Yes.  Drink it now.  I have a bad feeling about this…

*drinks confidence formula*

There.  Now you were saying…


Muse:  Kyle!  I’ve been looking all over for you.  How’s it going?

Whoa…I can feel the confidence being sapped out of my body.  What’s going on?

Muse:  Confidence being sapped?  Don’t be silly!  So, do you want to hang out?

Maybe a little later.  I need to spend some time with my family.

Muse:  Anyway, I felt a little hungry a while ago, but now I feel just fine.  Well, enjoy your family!  Let’s hang out when you’re done, okay?  Time to play in the lake!

*Muse runs off to lake and begins playing*


That Shy Muse now has an aura around her.

Remedy:  Yes.  And she can suck up confidence as well.

She said that she was hungry and now she’s not.

Remedy:  She has become the void.  That’s why she feels hungry and doesn’t feel shy.

How can that be?

Remedy:  Don’t be deceived by appearances.  That is her outer form.  She is clothed with the void on the outside, but inside both her and your Muse are shy prisoners.

We have to do something.  She will absorb every ounce of confidence until there’s nothing left.

Remedy:  That’s the next part of the plan.  I haven’t gotten that far yet.  Enjoy your vacation.

Thank you.  I hope that I can resolve this soon…

Today’s high is going to be 79 degrees and the silver lining is being able to enjoy my vacation at the lake.

To those of you who like vacations, at the lake I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Playing in the water is fun…but I’m hungry again!  Wow!  There’s a large crowd of people over there.  Time to go and meet them!

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