Me & My Muse – Day 354: Cereal Shopping Day

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of cereal?  You pour the last bowl, The cereal’s gone and the bowl is only filled halfway.  You check the cupboard or pantry for another box, but you can’t find one.  It’s all gone.  You just finished the last box.

For me, that scenario matches perfectly.  My solution?  Go to the store and buy all the cereal that they have.  Because when me and my brother buy cereal, we don’t just buy a couple boxes.  We buy enough to feed a small army.

Time for a segway.

No!  Not that segway!  A transition to an unrelated point.  Last night, my friend came over and we celebrated his birthday.  I quickly concealed the unfinished birthday card before he could see it.  When my brother came home, I had him sign the card in another room, put his money in, and sealed the card.  I then gave it to my friend.

The rest of the evening consisted of watching my friend beat Cave Story, playing a game of Mario Party 8, watching another episode of Doctor Who, eating a chicken and bacon Margherita pizza, watching my friend complete World 3 in Super Mario 3D World and eating some Breyers waffle cone ice cream.  After my friend rewatched an episode of Bravest Warriors, he took off.  Overall, the birthday was quite fun.

Now for today’s business.


Ghost Muse:  Cereal, right?

Yes.  Cereal.  But not right away.  I will be mowing my grandparent’s lawn this morning, and will return home.  I will then be working a 2 to 6 shift at the “pizza pit”.  After this, me and my brother will go to Meijer and ravage the cereal aisle.  Ravage it until there’s nothing left.  With our breakfast bounty, we will head home

Ghost Muse: Sounds like a plan.

It is.  I have to leave in a few minutes.

Ghost Muse:  I’m sorry.  I’ll let you get started on your busy day.  Time for a shower!


I’ll get my shower when I get back.  For now, it’s mowing the lawn, working at the “pizza pit” a little later and replenishing the supply of cereal.  I also get paid at work today, so that’s a plus.

Today’s high is going to be 83 degrees and the silver lining is getting more cereal after work.

To those of you who need to restock their breakfast supplies, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Breakfast?  Cereal?  I guess I’ll try that.  It’s probably better than these boring ideas…

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