Me & My Muse – Day 348: New Phone

After a long day of Toastmasters training, I got a new phone at Verizon Wireless.

New Phone 1

Why this new phone?  Well, it’s only fair that I tell you what happened to my old friend.  Let’s just say that what happened to him was…an accident.

Last night,  when I was scrambling to get ready for bed with the final preparations for the Toastmasters Leadership Institute, my LG VX8350 was laying in a place.  Face down on the floor.  When I rushed into the room, the damage was done.  half of the hinge of my friend was open, showing its vulnerable circuitry…

When I looked at the screen, it was mixture of weird colors.  A few ribbon cables were snapped, resulting in the incorrect display of colors.  My friend was hanging on for dear life, while I held it in my hand, hoping against all odds that he would come back.  I tried pushing the still-connected left hinge while reconnecting the loose right hinge.  I tried turning the phone on and off.  I gripped the phone in my right hand, closed my eyes and prayed.  At least three times I did this.  I opened them.  I turned my phone on.  The same crazy display of colors were there.  My friend was not coming back.

It was time to say goodbye.  I gripped the phone and snapped the other hinge off, strangely hoping that it could save the phone somehow.  Instead, the screen blackened.  There was no color.  Just a dark black screen.  The LG VX8350 has lost its color forever.

Still considering it futile, I tried turning the phone on and off.  Surprisingly, the bottom half still works.  I know this since I could still hear the familiar on and off chime.  That night, I said good bye to my friend.

So having that said, I will show you my friend as I remember him.  A crimson camera phone that has stuck by my side for eight long years.  LG VX8350, you will be missed.

Dumb Phone 2

Having said my goodbyes, my friend will be sleeping the long sleep.  And after eight long years, he deserves it.  Today marks a new journey in the realm of cell phones.  I made a new friend today.  Ladies and gentleman, I give you the LG Extravert 2 – the cellphone that thinks it’s a Smartphone, but isn’t.  It’s like the unpopular kid putting on all the cool kids clothes.  It may think but it’s all that, but it isn’t.  But that’s just okay with me.  Extravert 2, it’s okay.  I know that you’re not like all those other Smartphones out there, but you have the simplicity that they lack.  No data plans.  Look.  I think it likes me!

New Phone 2

Ghost Muse:  That older phone…Wasn’t that picture used in Dumb Phone?

You are very observant.  Yes it was.

Ghost Muse:  Those were the darker days for me.  Back when…back when I was possessed by that wretched Bad Idea…*shudders*

But that Bad Idea is now confined in the Dark Muse: its own prison.

Ghost Muse:  It may be a prison, but you have to remember.  The prison is in my likeness.

I know.  There wasn’t any way that I could see that coming.  For all I know, that Bad Idea should’ve been gone forever…

Ghost Muse:  It’s okay.  She’s being a good girl and staying out of trouble.

Yes she is.  But only because of what the Shy Muse did to her.

Ghost Muse:  I know.  That Shy Muse might be more powerful than her, if she can drain everyone’s confidence.

And that’s the dangerous part.  She doesn’t even know that she has a void growing inside her heart that is draining every trace of confidence like a starving person.

Ghost Muse:  I know.  It’s getting late.  Enjoy your new phone!


Thanks.  I certainly will.

While i will miss my crimson friend very much, I’m sure that the LG Extravert 2 will be a good friend to me.

Today’s high is going to be 78 degrees and the silver lining is getting a new cell phone.

To those of you who love your phone, smart or not, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I’m…right outside his house!  Should I go in?  I’m nervous.  I’m going to wait for a while.  Just a little longer…

*Muse falls asleep on the grass*