Me & My Muse – Day 346: Mandatory Fun on the Way…

So everyone, are you ready to have some Mandatory Fun?

Mandatory Fun 2


Starting July 15, Weird Al Yankovic will be our new communist leader and his first act will involve issuing an edict that everyone in America must have Mandatory Fun, or else.

Yes everyone.  This fun is not optional, but mandatory.  If you want to remain on his good side, you would be doing good in signing his edict early.

His edict can be found here.  Sign it today.  You will all be required to sign it eventually…I already signed it myself, so I’m ready to have some Mandatory Fun next month…


Ghost Muse:  Edict?  Communist leader?  It’s just a CD, okay?

Um, don’t listen to her.  It’s an edict.

Ghost Muse:  Everyone.  It’s Weird Al’s next CD (actually his final one).  Don’t listen to him.

Where did you get you get your news?  You’ll have to listen to him sooner or later.

Ghost Muse:  It’s a theme for his album.  He is not a communist leader.  Enough with the charade.

*sigh* Okay…Everyone.  Just buy the album.  It’s going to be Weird Al’s last hoorah. But not for music.  He will still be making music, which he’ll release on a more immediate basis.  It’s just the last album in his recording contract.

Ghost Muse:  Thank you.  And why would I get the album?  I can just listen to yours…

Help the man out!  It’s his final album.  How else is he going to buy his next solid gold Cadillac or diamond-studded swimming pool?

Ghost Muse:  Imaginary purchases don’t count.

Sure they do!  I’m sure that Al would be elated that an imaginary person wants his album…

Ghost Muse:  I’ll get it then.  I hope that I don’t cause any issues with imaginary piracy…

If you buy it, you’re fine.  Now I have a meeting to get ready for.

Ghost Muse:  Sorry.  I’ll let you.  Time for the last chapter in my book!


So have you pre-ordered the album yet?  Just stop reading this.  I’ll wait right here while you pre-order it.






So have you done it?  Good.

Today’s high is going to be 75 degrees and the silver lining is pre-ordering Mandatory Fun.

To those of you who love waiting for album releases, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Mandatory Fun?  Does that mean that I can have fun too?  I would be, if I wasn’t so shy.  *sigh*