Me & My Muse – Day 305: Latest. Green Haircut. Ever.

In reviewing all the times that I have mowed the lawn in the past, this has got to be the latest.  While most of the first lawn cuts of the season happen in April, this one was in May.  May 9th, to be exact.

In cutting the lawn today, it was kind of iffy.  First, it rained a little so I was only able to cut half of the back lawn.  Then it stopped raining, giving me an opportunity to cut the other half of the back.  But fortunately, I was able to cut the whole thing.

Let’s review the checklist again.  Mow the lawn?  Check.  Apply for a job?  Check.  Work a mundane four-hour dinner shift at the pizza pit? Check and check.

That leaves tonight.  I have a queue of YouTube videos to clear, so writing does not seem very likely tonight.  Besides that, I have nothing else.

No new text messages from my Muse.  Let me double check….No.  It doesn’t seem like she left anything new….

This really concerns me.  I think I’ll visit her.

Time to enter the realm….

*teleports to the Realm of Imagination and enters the Muse’s house using the key*

Her living room looks pretty much the same way that it did last time I visited.  Does she ever visit anywhere else in her house?  Oh well….Time to enter her room….

*opens door to room*

What is this?  A safe? She locked her bed in a safe?

Muse:  Go away.

What’s wrong?

Muse:  Oh.  Now you have time for me?  Well, I don’t.  Get lost.

Come on.  I just want to see how you are doing.  Tell me the combination so I can open it.

Muse:  i don’t know it.

Then tell me where your emergency key is.

Muse:  I swallowed it, so you wouldn’t ever get it.

Remedy:  And I gave you a new one….


Remedy:  Yes.  Now be quiet!  I am speaking to you telepathically so you can only hear me in your mind.  She can’t hear a word I’m saying!

Got it.  Thanks for the key, Remedy.

Remedy:  Anytime. Now get inside and see what she’s up to.

*uses key to open the safe*

Muse:  I-impossible!  Where did you get that other key?

Where are you?

Muse:  I’m not telling.

Remedy:  She’s invisible.  Here.  I have given you invisible vision so you can see her.

Thanks, Remedy….

You’re….Whoa!  Why are you so tiny?

Muse:  You can see me?

Yes.  You’re clinging to the bunny ear.

Muse:  N-n-no!

*Muse convulses and begins shaking*

Muse:  G-g-go away now!  P-please!

What’s wrong?

Muse:  I can’t stand it!

*Muse passes out*

I guess she couldn’t take it.  It must be one of her panic attacks….

*scoops Muse into the palm of my hands*

She’s so small….Oh!  She’s soaked!  I won’t say a word about that to her….

Remedy:  She needs to get out of that safe.

*Remedy uses his intangible magic to make the safe disappear*

Remedy:  Here.  Lay her on her bed.  I’m going to return her to her original size.

*puts Muse on bed and Remedy returns Muse to her original size*

Why is she like this?

Remedy:  It’s her new form.  She’s very shy.  So shy that she panics in front of anyone she’s around.

Then why does she want to see me?

Remedy:  She wants to, but deep down inside she lacks the confidence to be around you or anyone else.  Her body feeds off of the confidence of people in the same room with her.  She doesn’t know this, but her body drains the confidence of others.

To her, she just wants to be around other people.

Remedy:  Exactly.  But the lack of confidence inside her is like a black hole.  Whenever she gains any confidence, she loses it quickly.

That’s kind of dangerous.  Maybe we shouldn’t be in the same room as her.

Remedy: Don’t worry.  Her body can’t drain our confidence.  I put shields on both of us.

Then why do I feel less confident?

Remedy:  How can you?  I just….wait!  I’m starting to feel less confident.  Oh no….

*the Muse wakes up*

Muse:  You’re still here?!  Ahhhh!!!! *sob*

My confidence is draining fast!

Muse:  Go away NOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

*Muse shrieks, blowing me out of the Realm of Imagination*


This is not good.  My Muse can’t be around me at all, or she will drain my confidence.  Fortunately, I think I can regain my confidence, but it will take a while….

Today’s high is going to be 74 degrees and the silver lining is getting the lawn cut.

To those of you who like having a freshly cut lawn, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I’m….soaked!  They didn’t both see me like this….did they?  Oh, Kyle!  Can you please come again? As much as I want to see you, I really wish I could!  ….Oh, it’s useless!  Forget it!

*Muse sobs and begins drenching her face with tears*