Me & My Muse – Day 303: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

This can only mean one thing.  I’m going to jail?  No!  Of course not.  But I can tell you what it does mean.  Another rousing game of Monopoly with my friend tonight.  In looking at the last game, there were a lot of stalemates going on.  In several instances, the color groups were split three ways, making progress impossible.  This made trading a must, and eventually resulted in my friend winning.

For this next game, however, I am hoping that we can get a little luckier.  Making a color sweep and dominating the game early on would be nice.

What about the job search?  I actually got pretty lucky with that today.  I was able to find two jobs and apply for them.  After that, it was time to go off to work.  Due to my bus dropping me off early, I clocked in early, worked, and clocked out early.

I had my lunch and just took it easy.  As for my friend, he will be calling me when he’s out of work.  After that, he will come over and the Monopoly match can begin.  We will also start the Third Season of Dr. Who.  That should be nice.


Once again.  Getting my Muse to communicate is like prying a pearl from an oyster.  Let me check my messages….

Muse: no.

Muse: hi.

Muse: i am now.

Those must be the responses from last time.  Is she still there?

Kyle: Are you still there?

Muse: i am nice and safe too.

Kyle:  How are you safe?  Where are you?

Muse: im not telling.

Kyle: Why not?

Muse: if i told you i wouldnt be safe.

Kyle: Fair enough.  How are you doing?

Muse: fine when i don’t have to be around other people i wish that i could talk to you face to face though.

Kyle: Why don’t we try it?

Muse: no i already told you i will have a panic attack if I even get near you.

Kyle: How did you get this shy?

Muse: ive always been shy its only gotten worse over the years.

Kyle: Your sentences….

Muse: i know its faster for me to type this way.

Kyle: Well, what’s the hurry?  Take your time.   Please?  Do it for me.

Muse: Okay. How’s this?

Kyle:  Amazing.  I knew that you could do it!

Muse: Really?  That’s the nicest thing that anyone’s ever said to me.

Kyle: Have people really been that mean to you?

Muse: They have.  I hate them.  I wish that they could accept me for who I am.

Kyle:  They should accept you.  As for being shy, you’re not alone.  Did you know that one out of every two people has claimed to be shy?

Muse:  I didn’t know that.  A lot of people don’t look that shy to me.

Kyle:  There are more shy people than you think.  Chances are they don’t want you to know that they’re shy.

Muse:  I feel comfortable talking to you like this.  But I really want to see you.  I know that I can’t, because I’ll faint.  Can you send me a picture of yourself?

Kyle:  Sure.  That’s one step in the right direction.  Here.  Did you get it?

Muse:  I did.  It gives me goosebumps looking at it, but I need to try.

Kyle:  Yes.  Keep trying.  I would like to visit you tomorrow, if that’s okay.

Muse:  Please don’t.  As much as I want to see you, my body doesn’t.  I know it’s weird, but I get shy around people, and I have these panic attacks….

Kyle: Well, my friend’s coming over.  I’ll talk to you later, okay?

Muse:  okay.

Kyle: Captialization?

Muse:  Oops! I forgot.  Sorry!

Kyle: Well, I’ll see you later.  My friend’s coming over.

Muse:  Bye!  I’ll try looking at your picture.

Kyle:  Okay.  See ya!

Muse:  See ya!


Well, that’s progress.  Hopefully, I can see her soon.  Now, I need to get ready for my friend.

Today’s high is going to be 58 degrees and the silver lining is applying for two jobs and my friend coming over tonight.

To those of you who love board games, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


*Muse deletes picture of Kyle*

Muse:  I….I’m sorry, Kyle.  I just can’t!  I’m glad that I didn’t tell Kyle that I’m underneath my covers and my bed’s locked in a safe.  And I don’t need food, since I’m an Intangible, and I can keep regenerating new ideas to consume.  Totally safe.  Nothing can harm me.  Safe and sound.  Safe and….sound….Safe…..and….sound….

*Muse falls asleep*

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