Me & My Muse – Day 301b: Bonus 6 – Shying Away

The Muse woke up again and checked her bedding.

“Good,” she said, breathing a sigh of relief.  “I didn’t want to do any more laundry….”

The Muse sat there, tightly embracing her stuffed rabbit.  It was the only thing that she felt safe holding.  It wouldn’t judge.  It wouldn’t criticize.  It wouldn’t make fun of her.  The Muse than thought of last night.

“Why did he say that my face was beautiful?” she said, pouting.  “He knows that I have no friends, so he’s just taking pity on me….”

The Muse let out a sigh and laid on her back.  She stared up at the ceiling as she let the thoughts flow into her mind.  “I don’t know why he had to chase me like that.  That….That was mean….”  She sniffed, wiping a few tears away from her eyes.  She tried to stop, but the tears just kept coming out.  “I….I can’t even talk to him.  I want to….but I’m too afraid.  Afraid of what he will think about me….”

Then the Muse embraced the stuffed rabbit in the same way that Kyle wrapped his arms around her.  A sudden thought rushed into her mind and she gasped.  “Why did he grab me like that?  He made me….he made me….pee myself….”  She burst into tears.  Her face reddened, flush with all the tears that were running down her face.  “He probably thinks….he probably thinks that I’m a baby.  Only babies pee themselves….”

She stared up at the ceiling and released her grip on the stuffed rabbit.  She shook her fist at the ceiling.  “But I’m not a baby!” she wailed.  “But he thinks that I am.  I can’t ever show my face to him again!  He’ll laugh at me.  He and anyone else he decides to tell….”

The Muse cried, magically changing into some pajamas.  She grabbed her stuffed rabbit and held it tight.  Still full of tears, she used them all to cry herself to sleep.

All of a sudden, she heard a whisper.  “Hello!”

Who is it? She began to panic.  Her body convulsed and she felt a sudden rush.  “What are you doing here?” she cried.  “I almost wet myself!” She looked at the door and sighed with regret. “Why didn’t I lock it?  I forgot!”

She waited, hoping that Kyle would leave.  As the seconds passed, what she was fearing was coming true.  He was not leaving.

When she looked at Kyle, all the painful memories returned to her.  Her heart skipped a beat and her face reddened.  “Go away!” she shouted.

But Kyle, determined as he was, smiled.  “I’m not here to make fun of you,” he said, as if he could read her mind.  “I only want to help.”

The Muse wiped the beads of sweat off her face.  “You’re not here to help!” she shouted.  “You’re going to make fun of me….”  The rush returned to her.  Oh no….she thought.  What if he….

Her strength failed her.  And just like that, she began to feel a warm rush flow through her pajamas.  “G-g-go!”

Before he could even see anything that was happening, she immediately made herself invisible.  Wet and miserable, she didn’t want him around any longer.  And if he didn’t know about this embarrassing secret happening again, it would be all the better for her. “LEAVE!” she cried at the top of her lungs.

And to ensure that Kyle would leave, she cast her powerful teleport magic on him.  Kyle was gone.

The Muse looked at her pajamas again and wailed loudly. “Bah hah hah hah hah!!!!!!!”  The Muse knew that she needed a shower, but she was too depressed to take one.  Instead, she used her intangible magic to clean up and change into some new pajamas.

She then tried to forget about what just happened and focused on Kyle.  How I can I ever show my face to him now?  “Why can’t I talk to him?” she said, frustrated.  “I want to, but I’m too afraid.  I need more confidence, then….”  The Muse resolutely shook her head.  “Nevermind.  Forget it!”

Now starting to feel lonely, the Muse grabbed the stuffed bunny and hugged it as hard as she could.  There was no way that she could reveal herself to Kyle.  And with that, she planned on staying invisible as long as she could.

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