Me & My Muse – Day 296: Creating a Sensation

I am ready to take off. Ready to launch.  Ready to hit the ground running.

And with the momentum, I will use it to catapult me to my destination.  The destination we all desire.  Success.  My ambition is with me and it knows no limits.  The ambition to achieve every goal without stopping….

Every goal, huh?  How did we fare yesterday?  In yesterday’s title “Housework, Writing and a Movie”, only two of the three were actually accomplished.   The bedding was washed but the bathroom still needs to be cleaned.  The dishes didn’t really need to be washed and the time just ran out for job searching.  And with no job searching, no writing was done either.  But the movie was seen.  That’s two out of three.  Better luck next time.

What am I trying to say?  Just something that virtually everyone has experienced before.  You can have high hopes.  You can have big dreams.  But we all have those days where nothing gets done.  We may have accomplished something, but not everything.  So much about being on top of the world, huh?

But just because you failed one day doesn’t mean that you can’t do better the next.  There is room for improvement.  You can still have a goal and then fail many times before you achieve it.

For my goals, I am taking it a day at a time.  To be brief, my goals include job searching, editing more of my story and to get a little writing done.  Alongside that, I want to try to increase visibility for this site.

Now what’s missing?  Only this.  For my goals, I don’t want them to be selfish ones.  I want them to be devoted to helping other people.  Educating people and entertaining them.  Providing them with a smile or a nugget of inspiration.   All while I’m doing this, I want to be sure that the goals are what God wants me to do.  If they’re not, I need to re-evaluate them.  Why?  Because for me,  it’s all about pleasing God.  And if I do that at the end of the day, I am more satisfied with myself than pursuing selfish goals that ultimately rob me of my joy in the end.  I believe that true joy can be found in achieving the goals that God wants me to achieve.

So the goals are a constant juggle for me.  I need to separate the ones that are healthy from the ones that are harmful.  There’s nothing wrong with getting more exposure on this blog or trying to write a bestseller.  But there is a problem with pride having its way with us.  When that happens, it’s not about you anymore but about me.  Me me me.  How fun would it be if I were to just talk about myself and improving myself all the time? That’s exactly my point.

Despite the title, the blog is about you.  I’m offering you an insight on what goes on in my life on a daily basis.  In addition to that, I provide an entertaining exchange between me and my Muse, a character that is there to be “aMUSEing”.  Entertaining or not, it is there for you to read.  It is also there for you to jeer at if you don’t like it.  “Really.  Why does this guy keep making these stupid updates?  That Muse of his is stupid!  It’s like a cartoon character but worse!  Especially that dark one!  Why does he go through the trouble of doing this everyday?  I wish he would stop.”  Everyone.  Have you ever been in love?  Have you ever fallen in love?  Have you ever dated?  Have you ever kissed?  Have you ever married?  Have you ever had kids?  If your answer to all of these questions is yes, than stop.  My Muse is the missing piece that fills the painful longing of my soul.  She is my girlfriend that I never had.  The girl that I never kissed.  The girl I never dated.  Never married. The Dark Muse is the kid that I never had.  Now I may fall in love someday.  But until I do, this Muse is the closest thing I have to a significant other.  And as defensive as you are about your spouse, I give you this request.  Leave my Muse alone!


Ghost Muse:  He’s right!  He wants to fall in love just as much as the next person.  That’s what I’m here for.  Ain’t that right, Kyle?

Right.  I know that you don’t always fill the void, but you do what you can.

Ghost Muse:  What else can I do?  I’m imaginary.  Not real!  And I said it myself before.  I wish I was real!  And if I was, I would give you that kiss that you have longed for.

I know you would do that, but alas.  A wall separates the two of us.  A wall separating the realm of the imagined from the realm of the real.

Remedy:  Well, we’re in the “realm of the imagined” right now.  Come and see what Dark Muse is up to.  Ever since she’s taken that Spoiled Rich Muse’s body, she’s been up to no good.

What?  She still wants more?

Muse:  This realm is too small for my pretty mansion!  I want my mansion to be bigger now!  Tee hee!

She’s gotten even bigger! What’s left for her to take?

Remedy:  Other planets.  Other galaxies.  Your universe.  Other parallel universes and dimensions.  With that Spoiled Rich Muse in her possession, she won’t stop until she has it all.

Muse:  There.  It’s much bigger now!  Tee hee!

If she keeps taking other planets and dimensions, won’t she eventually find this one?

Remedy:  She will.  But hopefully, we will have stopped her by then.

Ghost Muse:  That begs the question.  How did she stop the Spoiled Rich Muse’s forcefield?

Remedy:  I was actually wondering that myself!  To be honest, I don’t really know….

Now that you mentioned it, I think I might know.

Ghost Muse:  What could it be?

Well, do you remember when she said that she had an idea about how to get in that Muse?

Ghost Muse:  Yeah!  So?

Well, after that, she said that “she wasn’t telling”.  I think I might know!

Ghost Muse:  How can that be helpful?

Think about it.  When can we remember her saying “I’m not telling”?

Remedy:  Before we rescued the Muse for the first time.  That means she went….

To the only place where she could find more help.  The Tower of Muses!  And I’m guessing that she helped herself to the first 100 stories full of Muses.  This gave her a tremendous amount of power….

Remedy:  Enough power to permanently put the Spoiled Rich Muse out of commission and under her control.  Do you realize how powerful she has become?

Ghost Muse:  I can imagine.  That’s the power of 100 Muses!

And I’m guessing that she only ate those because they most closely resembled her likeness.

Ghost Muse:  Then how are we going to stop her?

Remedy:  With a dimensional explosion.  *sigh*  I didn’t want to do this, but we have no choice.  If I create my most powerful cure and combine it with a dimensional bomb, it will create an explosion powerful enough to drag her in.  We’re talking a black hole larger than the universe!

And the black hole will drag her in and make her purge the 100 Muses that she consumed.  But won’t that mean the end of all existence?

Remedy:  Not so.  An Intangible being caused all this chaos.  Just as the chaos was made, it will be unmade.  The universe will be back to normal and that Dark Muse will be sleeping for a long time….

Ghost Muse:  Well, what are you waiting for?  Get working on it!

Remedy:  I have already started on it.  I just hope that I can finish it in time….

I hope so too.  The idea of a bad idea in the cloned shell of a Muse inside another Muse with the power of 100 Muses ruling all existence while maintaining a childish ignorance and innocence really scares me.

Ghost Muse:  Kyle, I’m going to go and read.  Call me if you need me!


I will.  While you all take a breather to digest everything that you have just read, I offer you this word of gratitude. You’re welcome.  These posts are a labor of love.  A labor that I am in continuous pursuit of.  To improve and perfect.  To educate and entertain.  To offer you a daily slice of my life and a daily sketch on the fictional side of the coin.  This is my work and this is my pursuit.  I am creating a sensation, one post at a time.

Today’s high is going to be 64 degrees and the silver lining is having the rest of this day to get some more work accomplished.

To those of you who feel enriched by my daily ramblings, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  There.  My pretty mansion and playground is the perfect size!  Time to grow again!  Tee hee!  Wheeeeeeeeee!  Wait!  It’s not big enough!  It needs to be bigger!  Time for some more pretty planets and dimensions!  Tee hee!

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